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Running Back and Forth

My 4 1/2 yr old son runs back and forth a few times a day.  His was evaluated and the psychologist told me that he just has a speech delay and I should not worry about autism.  Another parent from another forum told me that my son might not be autistic but might fall into the spectrum.  I am freaking out.  Isnt it it normal for kids to run back and forth?  He is extremely social and compassionate. Great fine and gross motor skills.  He gets along well with everyone.  His only issue is that he has an articulaion problem.  I am pursuing my Master's in Psych but I wonder after hearing from that parent if I am in some sort of denial or maybe just over-reacting.  Please let me know what you think.
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I think we need a bit more information here.
Of course children can run back and forth and it is okay.  But if this is happening to a certain degree it could be seen as a rigid repetitive behaviour.  

For any child to receive a diagnosis they have to fulfil the clinical criteria eg. DSM IV.  The autistic spectrum is a difficult idea to grasp but anyone with a diagnosis of being on the spectrum is autistic and where they are on the spectrum gives an indication as to whether they are affected to a greater or lesser degree.  Do you have any niggling worries yourself about any aspect of his behaviour/development.  I would suggest reading through the criteria and if you are still concerned going to see a paediatrician or your local GP.  Remember that to get a diagnosis a child has to have significant difficulties across what they call the triad of impairments.  Many children may have some difficulty or delay in one area, but that wouldn't give them a diagnosis of autism.
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I forgot to ask, what do you mean by an articulation problem?
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The  speech delay and running back and forth is really the only thing that bothers me and my husband.  We tell him to stop and then he stops.  He ran back and forth today about 3 times.  All three times I made him stop and he went to his room and played with his toys.  I tell him to stop and he apologizes.  When he does it he is smiling and seems to be enjoying himself.
  When I say articulation problem, I mean that my little guy does talk but not clearly.  He still cannot make f , v, and he just learned k sounds.  He also blends his words.  His speech therapist says it will get better as I have observed.  I just dont want to be in denial.  I know that the only way he can be dx with autism is by a Dr., but I feel that his speech therapist, teachers, and pediatrician would have told me something if they suspected it.  
Just curious how your son is doing now? My 4 year old son sounds exactly like your son was. He's a very sociable, compassionate, loving little boy. He's been in speech therapy for almost a year now and has made great progress. He had trouble completing the last half of his words and would blend his words together so it was very hard to understand him. He'll run back and forth talking to himself and seems to be happy while doing so. He stops when we ask him to because he can get really noisy. It's hard not to worry sometimes, but deep down I think that is just his way of coping with his speech difficulties. He's got a lot on his mind but he has to put forth a lot of effort to get the words out right.
How is your son doing now that he is older? I have a 4 year old with speech delay who also runs back and forth
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Have you looked at auditory processing disorder?


That's one other possiblity.
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What could be the root cause of a child that constantly runs, never walks, and often runs back and forth in a repetitive action for 15-30 minutes and at times over 1 and even 2 hours? He also gets up very early and bangs and jumps around.
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My 7 year old who was diagnosed when he was 6 with High Functioning Autism frequently runs back and forth. My best advice to anyone who comes across this thread is to seek the advice of a developmental specialist as early as possible. I had my suspicions but allowed well meaning pediatricians and family members to reassure me that my bright child was only quirky.  Asperger type autism can be very subtle at a young age. My child smiled and had better eye contact when he was younger than he does now. He is awesome and a joy but I wish I found therapies for him earlier on.
I have exactly th same situation. My son is 6 and has been running back and forth since 2, we thought he would grow out of it. Last year he was diagnosed with high functioning autism, but only because I perused wethis issue. We have therapists now, but someone is yet to determine what the running is about.   Were you able to get to th bottom of it?
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