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RISPERIDONE - works for a month and then needs a dose increase

Hi, I hope I am posting this in the correct place.
Here is a short history:
5 yr old female, dx with ASD at about age 2.5 "PDD-NOS"  She is HIGHLY intelligent, has a really great sense of humor and her imagination is the best that her teachers/therapist has ever seen.  HOWEVER, she has really really awful tantrums manyx per day when not medicated and hits and attacks people and can be VERY MEAN.  She could not attend the pre-k that she is in if she was not medicated because she would be screaming or attacking kids half of the day.  Medicated, she does GREAT on her Risperidone at whatever dose she is on for about a month or so, and then it stops working and by the time 2 or so months roll around, either we have to up the dose or else.  She gets extremely hyper (pretty sure she will someday have a dx ADHD) but when the Risperidone dose is right for her, she suddenly listens to us, answers our questions, cries and screams less, throws less tantrums, etc.  SHe is almost like a really smart but typical kid when the rispderidone is working.
So, the doc decided to add Celexa to the mix because the risperidone seemed to make her anxiety and ocd worse...that went badly.  It made her even more hyper and grouchy.  We are tapering her off of that now.
And, she has a reg ped, a developmental ped overseeing her care, a child psychiatrist prescribing, and a 2nd child psychiatrist overseeing (the first one is out of the country), a therapist (play), occupational therapist, and has seen a Naturalpathic psychiatrist a few times.  She is on almost every recommended supplement for ASD kids - kind of the DAN! approach, but we do not have DAN! doctors here in our city.  She has been seen by so many doctors so please do not suggest we take her to a specialist, because we have seen them all.
Here is my ??
What can we do (if anything) to help the Risperidone to not lose it's efficiency?
And, would probiotics taken near the same time as the Risperidone affect it at all?  (she takes them every day so i doubt it makes any difference)
And, if Rispderidone stops working or her dose gets too high, what are the alternatives?  Abilify?  Serequel?  But, will these do the same thing??  Just stop working after a while??  That really scares us!
She is 5, 99th % for height at 3.5'+ tall, and 51 lbs.
She is now taking 1 mg of Rispderidone total, broken up into 3 dosings during the day.  We hope this is not the upper end of the dose.
Help please !!!

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