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Autoimmune skin condition, migraine with blurry vision, extreme fatigue, joint pain


About 15 years ago I got a bump on the back or my neck by the hair line that I thought was a pimple, but it never went away. Now I have about 10 of them on my head and a few years ago I started getting them on my arms, face, and chest. They act like pimples sometimes, but eventually scale over and build up like a scab somewhat. Eventually they get torn off either on purpose or by bumping into something, then they just build up again. I have been to numerous dermatologist and all of them just say it is an untreatable autoimmune condition.

The picture is of one of the bumps on my arm that was recently ripped off.

The past 10 years I have gotten migraines (it is what I have been told they are). I know when one is coming on because I get blurry streaks in my vision. Luckily my head does not hurt too bad if I take some meds when the blurry vision starts. If I do not take meds immediately I will get nausea, head pounding, the whole deal.

I also have what I consider to be extreme fatigue and some joint pain, but that may be just me getting older.

My mother has MS and I have been told that MS is not a genetic condition, but I am hoping I do not have some bigger undiagnosed disease. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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Ask for a bl test For MHTFR its simple, and those with this genetic hitch  can't break down Vit B or Commercial folic acid, so often need to radically change diet to "greens "
Thus the immune  is compromised and does not efficiently deal with toxins and is slow to heal.
My naturopath suggested bl test thro GP after detox et etc did not really improve my health
Thanks for the reply. All the dermatologist I have been to have never done blood work. I am going to try to get an appointment with a dermatopathology specialist.
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