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Food sensitivities

I know that foods affect my symptoms...but I can't figure out just which ones!!
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Many people are sensitive to gluten and dairy products.  Think you need to eliminate certain things and see if you feel better.  Think the doctors have test they can do to determine what you are sensitive to.  Paleo Diet explains the senstitivity to certain foods.  You might want to google Paleo diet and read it.
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Thanks - I did look up the paleo diet.  I'm not sure where to find out what to eat without nuts and berries etc (because of sensitivities to these). Food allergies and sensitivities really stink!  They limit even healthy choices!!
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You might want to check out probiotics.  Some people have trouble with digesting food because they do not have the bacteria necessary to digest this food.  When doctors give you the antibiotics to kill the bacteria making you sick it also kills the bacteria which you need to digest your food.  You can help with this by eating certain foods which supply the probiotics to your body.  One product you can eat is yogard.  They also have pills which are suppose to supply probotics for the body.  The have a tea call Kombucha tea which is suppose to give you probotics.  Google probiotics and you might get some information which will help you.  Good Luck.
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Thanks!!  I've found a lab test that might help me to figure out some of my sensitivities...ALCAT testing lab does sensitivity testing for about 200 foods plus molds, chemicals and some other stuff.  I'm a bit anxious about trying new things because I've had some pretty bad (allergic) and pretty strange reactions, too(oolong tea...)!!  I've taken a probiotic in the past, but developed a problem with something in it!!  I'm suposed to get my blood drawn tomorrow and test results in a few weeks...I'm pretty sure that gluten and casin are going to be positive.  I've been very sick since a rhogam injection after my first child was born.  He had signs of Aspergers Autism and we did go gluten and dairy free - it helped his symptoms - he's still doing well , but because we didn't have "proof" = people weren't always supportive!  My thyroid had stopped functioning at the time (probably the rhogam) - and I became overwhelmed - I've reintroduced gluten and casin iinto our diet - but will probably have to take it back out!  I also react to good, old fashioned, certified organic fruits and vegetables!!  I am OVERWHELMED - and pray that this bloodwork gives some answers!!  It's putting a great financial burden on our family - because it is NOT covered by insurance.  I'll let you know how it goes!
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