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What can i do to recover from ITP?

I got ITP for 3 years. My platelet count is 40,000 now so I do not take any medication. i got 3 times relapse history after stopped the prednisolone.

My concern is what can i do to avoid relapse? Can you give me some advise on my diet like what to eat what not to eat and some suggestion of alternative medication/ supplement?

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I know what ITP is, but I'm not sure if there is any diet that could help your illness. Of course the best diet for anyone (my opinion) is a diet that is low in carbs, preservatives and refined sugars.

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thanks !! =>
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Crystal I have ITP too and its not nice to have the medication is harsh I find. I am on my first relapse after I had my spleen remove that was 7 years free of ITP it was nice. Now I am high on platlets but high on meds too now so not sure what will happen there.
I think ITP deals with changes in our body so the best is stay away from medication you never took before, major stress, and try to just be healthy. There things we can't change in our body so relapse is always can happen but just making sure we take care of ourself. Also watch out for platelet reducing drugs and food there an American web site I don't know the address not but its a platelet society that as a list of what can and shouldn't take. I try to follow the best I can also talking to your doctor about this is great. I don't know if this helps I am not happy I am going through this again but its about accepting it as a part of my life now take it as it comes.
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Thanks Marty! So sorry to hear that you got a relapse after the spleen removal. That is what worried me. I heard some people said if relapse after the spleen removal, then maybe the next treatment will be chemotherapy. I don't know how true is this, but you can consult your doctor. Hope some day, there is a cure for this ITP. Take care!!    
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I've just been discharged from hospital after a 9 day stay due to ITP. My platelets slipped to a count of 3, so I'm assuming thats 3k?

Im 19, and I feel like it's mental that i'm feeling so weak and tired.
I am currently on 60mg of steroids a day, and I was just wondering, how long it took just to feel yourself again, as it's starting to play on my emotians the whole "trying not to be stressed" business

Any advice on how to feel better in myself would be very greatful
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