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Centrome B question

Hi! I am worried. I got a "weakly positive" ANA result yesterday from my doctor. It had a positive 1.1 for centromere B, indicative of CREST. I have not noticed any bothersome symptoms related to this condition. I got the test due to dry eyes, mouth, and some numbness in hands and feet. I had just had the flu shot a couple days before the blood test and recently underwent surgery for a parathyroidectomy. I thought perhaps these were related to calcium regulation and low vitamin D and rosacea. I have always been so healthy until this year and now feel like I am falling apart. I have three little boys and am worried. I can't get into to see a rheumatologist for weeks! Do my test results indicate a condition but antedate symptoms or is it possible that it is a false possible? Thanks so much for your help!
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