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On/Off symptoms one year


I was directed here by one of the other members, and I was hoping maybe someone can help.

For about one year now, Ive had on and off symptoms, been to several doctors, many tests have been performed, and Im still getting these "episodes".

Generally they will start with extremly strong fatigue, heat intolerance(causes fatigue), cold intolerance(causes pains) I will get shooting pains, muscle cramps/ spasms, shooting eye pain, hand tremors, numbness in patches, and my newest symptom is weakness in my left arm/ hand and then my left leg. There are a few other symptoms but these ones all bother me the most with my daily activites. These symptoms creep up-- last a few solid weeks (the most ive had 9 weeks, the least 3), and then they slowly resolve.

About a week- a month after these symptoms started out last year, of the blue; my toe nails began having horizontal lines (I can find only minimal information on this; often it will say visit your doctor ASAP-- Ive been to the doctors a dozen times.) Ive read their related to either vitamin absorbtion or inflammitory diseases.

Ive currently had blood tests for glucose, thoyroid, b12, b2, iron, mono, lupus, rhuematoid arthitis, brain and cervial spine NON CONTRAST, stress test for fainting, heart monitors, evoked potentials, ekg, and a few others-- all of which have come back normal.

About a month ago I had the flu- during which I began having violent shooting leg pains and hip pains while I had a high fever. As soon as the fever reduced, I was pain free. During and after the flu i believe I had another "episode", I am only starting to feel slightly better with occasional leg weakness.

Ive stated on my other posts, I know these symptoms mimic other illnesses.. but my doctors now think I am depressed/ have anxiety-- which I strongly feel I do not have and I refuse to take antidepressants for something I dont feel I have. I dont want to sleep b/c of fatigue I want to get out, go to school and go out with friends. Now they come to visit me when I can barely move.

Help would be appreciated..
Or if anyone can steer me in the right direction..
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I have had many similar symptoms Im getting ready to see a neurologist. I was wondering if you have gone to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist (ENT) for your Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
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theyve checked my thyroid and i think its TSH? T4? something like that-- normal.. lol

Man this is a horrible week lol
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Have you looked at thyroid and adrenals?  I can't remember how all of these are related, but I've heard of some of these in relation to thyroid I think, which could be autoimmune related too.
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The last vaccine I recieved was the meningitis shot 7 years ago. Prior to that I recieved weekly allergy shots (ragweed).

The only thing I can remotely think of prior to this happening was a sprained ankle a month before.
The paleocentric diet-- Ive cut back on a lot of refined foods (mcdonalds,white bread, sugary cereals etc)... I even lost a few pounds.. Im still watching what I eat.
I stopped drinking coffee for a while until my symptoms started again and then I gave up--I need my java! :D
Ive added extra vegiies and fruits to my diet too.. I still get these episodes..
Maybe it will take more than a year to work/ repair anything.

MMMM glucose fructose sucralose :p

thank you for the post tho- I appreciate it! :) :)
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My believe is all these neurological disease are a result of what we put in our bodies.  Our enviroment is full of toxins and when we get them in our bodies we have these sympthoms.   My problem was a result of the many amalgam (mercury fillings) and root canals I had in my mouth.  Sympthoms of mercury poisoning can mimic those of MS and ALS.  Can you relate these symthoms to something you had done such as dental work, vaccination, or some change in your enviroment?  These toxins are all around us.  Even the food we eat.  Read the back of the packages of process foods and you will find things in the food which you have no idea what they are.  They give phrases like the keep the food fresh.  What that means is they put things in the food to keep the food from spoiling.  These things kill the bad bacteria but they are also killing us.

If you want to try something that might help google the "paleo diet" which has shown good results in treating autoimmune disease.  It will tell you to start eating raw fruits and vegetables which have the vitamins and minerals your body needs to repair itself.  You could also get the book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" which will tell you the supplements you can take to help the body heal itself.  Think you need to get away from the fast foods and processes foods if you want to solve your problem.  Check out the diet and it might help you.  
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In addition- Ive been to one neurologist who did not review my MRI.. He told me my symptoms were caused because of my birth control.. I stopped it in august and in november i had another ``episode``. The neurologist said he wouldnt consider MS, or any other immune diseases... He told me that Women are complex like sports cars-- watever thats supposed to imply!

At the time of that appointemnt I had no symptoms..

I also have memory loss (forgetting words, forgetting who sits where at the table), and I feel wobbly, or I will stumble when standing in one spot. Since my november ``episode`` ive had constant ringing in the ears... I think thats all.. :)
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