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I have heat in the groin and perineum as well as the upper left limb, it is a heat that can be felt, excessive, constant and permanent and which does not disappear.  It varies according to the outside temperature, when it's hot I sweat and I cool down a little but it doesn't go away and when it's cold it increases.  I am 23 years old and I had this heat at the age of 19 until now but I discovered for the same occasion a grade 2 left varicocele and I always thought it was varicocele  which heats my perineum and my 2 groin folds but the heat is not typical.  As for the varicocele, I plan to treat it soon.  I did a bunch of imaging on the pelvis and the lumbosacral spine as well as biological examinations but the internal doctor found nothing.  moreover what worries me the most is that my spermogram is very altered with this heat around the scholarships even if I have a left varicocele my urologist told me "that we can have a normal spermogram even with only one  normal testicle but here I think it's bilateral or that there are other things". So please tell me has this happened to you before?  Can varicocele be responsible for such a symptomatology or are there other diagnoses to be sought? Are there neurological problems that can manifest themselves in this way?  Please tell me the possible diagnoses
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