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my computer?

i have a question about thhe timing of posts.....
the time it says a post was made doesn't seem to update as time goes.

is it an adjustment for my computer or my account?
or for the medhelp site?
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Are you keeping the same page open and simply looking back at it over a period of time, or are you refreshing the page (or leaving and coming back to it)?  I believe the timestamp will only update upon a page refresh or fresh loading of the page view.  

Let me know if you are reloading the page and still having this issue.  Also, the "X hours ago" timestamps are approximations so I wouldn't worry if the discrepancy you're noting is one hour or less.  If neither of these things speaks to your issue, let me know and I'll see if I can get someone to look into it.
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  Hey there :)

   I have the same issue but only with this Forum. I can Refresh and even log out then log back in and I still have the same issue......

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Same problem here too.
It says "2 hours ago" before going to bed, and the next morning it is still "2 hours ago"
Only when the hours turn into dates, does the updating seems to work.
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Hmm, I'll have this looked into and see if I can get anywhere.  Thanks!
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thnank you heiferly,

like other say, the time does not seem to always change  after refreshing or off over night.
grand scheme of thing not a biggie:)))
it does though help keeping track.
I think it has happened over in m.s. forum before.

thanks for looking to it, amo
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