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I am 38...fit..and i have severe back pains at the base of my back ..when it comes i cannot move ..i get shooting pains down both legs..in both my bum cheek bones..and in my heels ...also under my right ribs above my right hip...these are severe pains which stop me in my tracks and sometimes my legs go numb and i hit the deck no matter what i am doing.....YOU CANNOT IMMAGINE THE PAIN....

i do not lift anything and havent worked since november 2007 because of this....also i have a hard circle type lump growing in the  gap at the top of my chest where my ribs meet at the front.....

can you please tell me what are both problems......i have shooting pains in my arms and chest ...terribly
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It is not clear whether you have seen a neurosurgeon or neuro doc yet but you should to get a proper assessment of your spine and nerves. You may need nerve tests and MRIs of your spine. Slipped or herniated discs in the neck and back can be a reason for the pains you are experiencing.
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