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Chronic neck/occipital pain

Hi, I am 43 yr old female.I have osteoarthritis in my neck,get migraines and fibromyalgia (all dx) I have recently seen a Neurologist who said its not worth having an MRI. I disagree,and my osteopath is also worried. I have very gentle treatment on my neck,every few weeks,pain killers hardly touch my pain..I am getting giddy spells,severe pain in shoulders neck and occipital area. When i get a migraine now,i get excrutiating pain in my occipital area and it travels up and down my spine so i cannot sit because of the pain.It gets so bad at times i wish i could die.The pain in the upper neck and occipital is so violent and can last for days..do you think i should push to get a scan?
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Hi..I would defiantly get the MRI of the brain and cervical spine to see what is really going on....mis dx's can happen and u want to get the correct treatment so u can get better.

I hope u r able to talk with ur dr and get the needed tests.

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Hi,many thanks.
Its something i will push again for with my doc,but it looks doubtful as i had a Neurology app. 2months ago and they said No.
My osteopath recommends one and i would like to have a re-check.MRI when i was 28 showed arthritis bad in neck (due to car crash and whiplash) but no nerve damage.Every test performed by Neuro resulted in him saying everything ok.
Are there any med specialists out there who recommend i go back as pain in head and spine gets excrutiating!I know i have been dx with FM etc but something not right
Thnkas form me in UK
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Well, I can only go with my own personal experience...I was misdx'd with fibro and later after much pushing  got the dx where I was able to get treatment that worked.

Do u have a copy of the report of ur MRI?
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SOUNDS LIKE MUSCLE SPASM, possibly (probably) from poor posture.
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Hi. I am 61, and I have had head and neck pain as you describe for 40 years.
It comes and goes, and I find that sometimes pain meds help ease the pain.
However, last year, the pain was so severe, it nearly immobilized me. I went for physical therapy (to the best, my nephew), and the stretching and massaging helped somewhat. When I went to my regular MD, he prescribed low dose Prednisone, 5 mg. --2 for 2 days and then just 1 for 3 days.
The day after I started the Prednisone, I felt 70% better. It was the only thing that helped me. The sharp occipital neuralgia pain was gone by the 4th day. Inflammation is the problem (at least for me it was/is). There are natural remedies that take time, and you can supplement with enzymes such as bromelain (comes from pineapple)
and other natural anti-inflammatories. I hope this helps.
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