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I'm Bipolar and have been having problems since the middle of last month. I even went into the hospital for a few days for the mania, was feeling better and then started feeling worse depression again. I have been trying to get into see my doctor, but she is out of town until the end of last month. I've been falling into a depression. I have been having to make myself get dressed, do chores...etc. I have my roomate who is my best friend and my mother who is busy taking care of my father who has just come home from the hospital. My friend cares, but I emit so much negativity, I don't like to tell him about it....so when it comes down to it, I really feel like I have no one. No matter what I do, I still hurt. I don't know what to do.
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  If anything is happening that is of concern perhaps there is someone who could see you in the meantime. Sometimes walk in clinics can be of help. You may be rapid cycling if you go from manic to depressed in a short time frame but you could discuss the specifics of this with your psychiatrist. Some of what you are describing as negativity may be part of the depressive aspect of bipolar. You dont have to disclose what is happening to someone you feel might not you understand it but eventually you will find someone you trust and in the meantime you can discuss it with a psychiatrist.
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Usually psychiatrists have someone who will take emergency appointments while they are away. Especially for an extended period. It is worth calling the office and asking if there is anyone you can see because you are becoming depressed. If you are having suicidal feelings it is important to mention that. They may just tell you to go to the ER, but it is worth a call.
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Calling the office is a great idea to see who your doctor has covering to take care of their patients.  Another idea is to call some kind of crisis line-i don't know who that would be where you are but you can look it up on the internet or in the blue pages of a phone book next to rape lines or domestic violence lines-they will listen and talk to you and in some cases send a social worker out to talk with you in person who deals with things all the time, also they will evaluate you just to make sure you're not in immediate danger-they also have a lot of resources to help you and suggestions-they might tell you to go to the ER if you are having suicidal thoughts.  Good luck and I hope you find a solution soon.
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