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Increase in BP severity...headed for worse?

Because increased hallucinations and frequency of cycles my new pdoc has changed by diag. from BP II to BP I and we are going to try a holistic approach to treating the disorder which I'm willing to do.  In the past years docs have just been throwing one drug after another until I'm on so many who knows what is really having a positive affect anymore.  All it has proved are drugs I can tolerate and ones I definite can not.

New approach is geared towards body chemistry taking readings often.  Harvard is also doing a trial study that I've agree to be apart of on how analysis for BP is performed.  I'm not one that uses talk therapy because of past bad experiences so I am curious about this study.

My real question here (as I ramble) is if the affects of BP continue to increase - even under treatment - I'm fearful my psychosis will blossom into something more severe.  Has anyone dealt with this?  just curious.

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  Bipolar will generally stabilize unless it becomes treatment refractory. Responses to different medications vary. I have been tried on about 30 different mood stabilizers since I was started on treatment and it took a while to find one that worked. They are still trying to understand the cause of this effect in general.
  I have found talk therapy to be quite helpful
but it took a while to find the right therapist. As regards any study it would
be worthwhile to find out more about it. The full information would be
on clinicaltrials.gov. Also the consent form would explain more as well.
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My diag was changed too a while ago . for some reason my mental health progressed for the worse for me and had been slowly for yrs . I medicated myself with beer for yrs but i don't do that anymore ,i take medication now.

Unfortunately  Yes to your question , psychosis is more frequent then mood swing's for me it seems to come and go ,come and go all day. but with my pills it is less severe and more tolerable , & mood's pretty stable and less frequent .
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