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I just recently lost my cat Christmas eve after 10 years. I know I am still grieving but the loneliness is unbearable. She was my only comfort. I don't like leaving the house. My husband does what he can but I don't really thinks what it is to be bipolar and really don't want to be around people.
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I know what you mean. I postponed my handyman a few weeks because I wanted to be alone. I've also lost a beloved cat. I let a worker come up here with a dog and the dog broke my kitty's back. Oh man. I had the vet stay open as an emergency.
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I am so sorry for your lose. They become part of the family and it makes me feel like I lost a child. Which most people would think that is stupid. Thank you for answering.
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You know how I got over it, I volunteered as a foster mom for orphan kittens. The leader would come from them after I bottle fed and they were on solid food.
I adopted a cat semi feral later and now we're inseparable. She sleeps at the foot of the bed on her own kitty sheet. She comes when I call her and I've taught her other things. Only problem she lives in Costa Rica and I'm only here part time. Maxy
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