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My gift from bipolar

Just because you look and what you see
Is not what your eyes are telling you is me
To hide the depression of your emotional side
Is a lesson I teach myself to hide
Keeping these emotions kept away
Get to much from day to day
When you reach out to those and scream in need
To stop the hurt and pain that begins to bleed
Will one ever feel content in life and feel true
When certain places in your mind just aren't you
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Wow!!! Bravo! Thank you for sharing!
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Well said.
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        "I have won"
Though they see, but not feel
a beating heart that is very real
I know I'm in there and far away
so many feelings day to day
Is there peace at all in my world
inside this heart it is all swirled
Though a time will come
all that sadness is done
Where could I possibly run
the race is inside
nowhere to hide
The places in my mind
that I know are not mine
I walk out of the shadows
in one of my tomorrows
They'll shrivel in the sun
then I know I have One

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Pure poetry Weaver!  Thanks for your contribution.
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