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I am an 80 year old father with a 42 year old daughter.  She is convinced that the governor of our state is trying to "get" her, the CIA is after her, benLadin  will be caught in Paris, France, etal.   She thinks she is completely normal.  Her family is all nuts.  she does no drugs or alcohol - in fact she refuses to take drugs.  she has been confined in a
Mental health facility by a judge but they gave her just pills to calm her down.  


She is a college graduate, professional, and now is basically homeless and on food stamps etc.  

Your suggestions will be appreicated.  ***@****

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I do hope they're keeping her in the hospital. Paranoia is an awful thing to go through. Sometimes they have to add meds slowly. You need to get power of attorney when she's lucid - when that happens.  Anti=psychotics should calm her down, maybe that's the drug she's on. She has to stay on them. That's going to be the hard part.

I'm well educated, well employed when BP hit me, though I've never hallucinated, it's still rough. I have in place, my legal wishes set out just in case something happens.
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The answer is she or you needs to speak to her doctors, if she is not able to get to a doctor she needs to go to a hospital.

She has already been confined and refuses to take drugs and medications, thus the medical system has tried to help her and yes they are going to give her pills to calm her, right now Its what sh needs and they wont do anything else until the get her stable on Anti Psychotics and then they will look at treating her.

There are plenty of drugs that will control these symptoms but none of us here are doctors and none of us can advise you on this subject - you need to get your daughter into treatment; obviously the judge was worried enough to commit her and that would have been on medical advice so she needs to be in the hospital - if she will not stay you will need to make some hard choices here.

Mental Illness is no respecter of age, education or job - it affects everyone.

Can you tell us anything about her actual diagnosis?

Also email addresses are blanked here, we never give them out ok.
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