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Depo Provera Shot opinions needed

Hello, In December 2013 I was to go get my shot redone but I chose not too cause of the weight gain..  Ive been off for 2 months I went thru alot of the withdraw symptoms of the Depo shot...On Jan.31,2014 woke up to some light bleeding that lasted 1 day off and on..then spotting on Feb1st nothing on the 3,4,5...So and I have tried to be careful but sometimes not..for the record I don't mind if pregnancy does happen ..But what Im wondering is how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test Ive asked a a couple ppl I was advised to take one just because my breast have been tender for the past month and even the light spotting/bleeding my breast still sore...I have a son so I have tried to compare my symptoms of pregnancy but it seems hard especially when Depo withdraw the symptoms are alike..  And I no pregnancy can take a long time to occur with depo but its not unheard of to get pg soon after getting off Depo.So what do you think should I wait to test and how long should I wait? Thank You :)
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When I got off depo I had the withdrawal symptoms for about 3 months and that's how long it took to get a normal period as well. I'd say maybe try one now and then test again in two weeks.
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I was on depo for almost two years  and I experienced terrible headaches gain a lot of weight I have a gf that has mirena and she doesn't have problems
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