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Depo Provera and anxiety/depression?

I had my first shot in late September, and haven't had a period since. Pregnancy tests were negative, and I'm not complaining! My periods were awful, and put me in a terrible mood, so I figured it was doing a great job. However, my boyfriend pointed out the other day that I cry a lot more, and that I'm a lot more moody. I hadn't noticed a change until he pointed it out, but since he did, I noticed that it's become a normal occurrence for something like burning dinner to send me over the edge, when before I might be able to laugh it off.

Could this be a side effect after just one shot? I'm on DP because I would always forget my pill, even when I set reminders in my cell phone. I don't like feeling this way, and if this is a side effect, how long could it take to get this stuff out of my system? This stinks!
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Depo provera's side effects:
• Depression. Several studies report that these occur in less than 5% of users. But should you have a tendency or already suffering from depression then you are more susceptible to this side effect.
• Emotional liability, nervousness, fatigue, depression, dizziness.

One injection will likely be out in three months. Still, it depends on your muscle as it is a muscular deposit.

Seems like you have premenstrual syndrome. Actually, pill 24/4 can help you with that. If pills are really out of question then you can consult your doctor about IUD with progesterone. The depression will be lower than depo provera, but without PMS therapeutic effect.
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What you listed describes what I feel exactly. I used to be an incredibly happy, bubbly person, and these mood swings are killing me!
I really like the convenience of not having to worry about taking a pill, it's not that I mind pills at all, but my schedule as a college student varies so much it's hard to find a time to take it consistently. If I had a steady schedule where I could take a pill every day at the same time, I would much rather do that than have an injection. I'm a sissy when it comes to needles!
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You won't get a full period until your next shot. Well, actually, you may spot a little. I've been on the shot since February. And, depo just helps with not having a period. You'll still get crams, and extremely emotional once a month. No worries. This is normal.
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Also!!! It'll get better!! Remember, your body is still getting used to this shot. I'd  recommend staying on it.
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