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RBC and Immature Retic Fraction. what is too high?

My blood work showed RBC 4.13 (4.20-5.40) Immature Retic Fraction was high 0.53 (0.20-0.40)
61 year old post menopause woman. healthy. all other blood work okay. Except unexplained low WBC for past 30 years that runs in family.
My question..
is the Immature Retic FRaction high enough for concern or does this usually fluctuate
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Hi.  This article is really helpful at understanding immature retic fraction.  https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/reticulocyte-count-test#1  When your numbers are high, it can mean that you have bleeding, you have certain types of anemia or you are just at a high altitude.  :)  Do you have any symptoms of anemia?  
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no symptoms. all other blood work was normal. hgb, hct etc
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