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39 year old female presenting with multiple symptoms and abnormal findings.

Hello I am a 39 year old female who has never smoked and drinks only socially who has been experiencing a multitude of symptoms over the last year. Most notably severe low back/pelvic pain that radiates down both legs and does not respond to muscle relaxers or mild pain medications. This has landed me in the ER on numerous occasions. I also have been experiencing severe fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet as well as dizziness and vertigo both. I bruise extremely easily and experience broken blood vessels frequently. I also have excessive thirst and frequent urgent urination issues and get up at least 3 times during the night. My nose constantly runs and I have been getting mysterious rashes on my face and chest. Here is my health history. I had a fibroma removed from my neck at the age of 4 with no further treatment needed. I currently have another fibroma on the bottom of my left foot that requires surgery and my podiatrist is fighting with the insurance company to get approved. I have a history of multiple superficial blood clots that appeared after taking hormonal birth control both orally and by injection. I do not have any of the "normal" blood clotting disorders and they couldn't explain it. I had a tubal ligation done in 2008 and experienced abnormal bruising afterward. I have been diagnosed with SVT since my early twenties and do not take any medication for it as my symptoms are more bearable than the medication side effects. My cardiologist just recently did a full cardiac work up and all came back normal. I do have mild disc degeneration in my lower back and neck and have seen an orthopedic doctor for many, many years. He does not think that the level of my degeneration matches my level of pain nor does it account for all my symptoms. When things began to escalate he noticed what appeared to be a cyclical nature to my pain episodes and suggested I consult with my gynecologist. They thought that my pain was due to endometriosis possibly deep infiltrating around my spinal nerves and I agreed to have an exploratory lap done.  After surgery I was informed that I did not have "much" endometriosis at all but that it appeared that I had severe Adenomyosis. The surgeon did complete a DNC and placed a Mirena IUD.  She also noted that I had bilateral hydronephrosis but nothing that appeared to be the cause of the pain or alarming. After 3 months I have had no relief from symptoms whatsoever. So she sent me to an endocrinologist to do some checking. My only abnormal findings at first were low Vitamin D levels and a high platelet count. The endocrinologist suggested I take a Vitamin D3 supplement. I informed her that I already take 5000IU daily of D3 because I live in Ohio and it's winter. She then decided to check my parathyroid levels which all came back normal. At which point she told me to consult with my family doctor about the abnormal platelet count and follow up with her in 2 months. My family doctor ordered more tests and found that my reticulocyte hemoglobin was high as well but my smear was okay. They have decided that I now should see a hematologist. At this point I just want answers and am getting very frustrated with everything as I just want to find out what is wrong and get back to normal. If anyone has any insight into this I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!
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Didn't the doctors advise you to take Vitamin A with your D? If you take too much vitamin D without A, it can cause problems (hence the "vitamin A and D fortified 'milk' that they sell at the store. I take greene pastures cod liver oil with butter oil which has natural levels of vitamin A and D and it hasn't been heat treated like many commodity fish oils out there. If you want a natural remedy, you may want to research Swedish bitters, it can work wonders for pain and illnesses that seem to have no specific cause. Maria Treben used it a lot. Good luck to you and pray you feel better soon!
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