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Slightly high platelets

Hi, had a FBC taken a few weeks ago, have them done every few months to check iron levels and thyroid etc..  Haemoglobin was normal, but platelets came back at 448(upper limit normal 440).  Asked my GP about it, and she said we would repeat it in a couple of weeks, so we did, and it was 460.  She looked back my blood results, and it seems for the last year and a half anyhow, my platelets have been between 420 - 460, highest been March 2011 they were at 487.

She isnt concerned about this, and thinks it is just my normal, and it isnt progressively getting higher.  She does want to check it every 4-6 months, just to check doesnt start to climb.

She also checked my ESR and CRP as had been getting some pain in my finger joints, but that is all normal.

Im 37, have underactive thyroid after treatment for graves 8 years ago, and have had problems with low iron/ferritin levels in past(not sure what my current ferritin is, but was low last year, not taking any iron at present).

What could the reason be for this?  Is it possible just my normal?  Im fit and healthy otherwise. Does it sound like anything to be concerned about?


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I live at an altitude of 3,500 ft. My GP noticed I was def in Vit D by 75%. Subscribed Vit D 3, and great. This made a great difference and auras aches and pains disappeared especially tingling and pain in my feet, overall aches and pains and auras. I was put on Hydrea by a Hematologist after this (even though these symptoms are part of ET and had gone),  as platelets were 900 before being put on Hydrea- then 600 then 500 now 410. But he told me I had developed Megaloblastic anaema, when I started showing a type of Raynards disorder. He also told me when I was put on Hydrea, the size of red cells might enlarge, they have. But he won't remove me off it, until platelets reduce to 300. I feel rotten actually, but my GP is looking into it, as she did the test concerned an AN to search for rheumatoid arthritis and suggested to think of lowering of the Hydrea. I am the meat in the sandwich and feeling worse each day. No treatment for MA as my GP doesn't think I am anaemic.   I am not deficient in Vit.B 12, I've been tested for this, as well as thyroid, iron, Vit 12 & Vit D.  Oh I was JAK 2 mutant positive, and when I was feeling worse on Hydrea, I asked for a bone marrow biopsy, and he told me No, you are JAK 2 mutant positive and that's all we need to know.  In the mean time I feel as if I am dieing.
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The platelet count is marginally on the higher side. This can be due to dehydration or an incidental finding. Hence, your doctor is right in wanting to repeat the tests and monitor the progress.
If it remains persistently high or show a rising trend, then it can be an inflammatory condition like rheumatoid arthritis. It is also increased in some bone marrow disorders like myeloproliferative disorders (polycythemia vera, essential thrombocytosis, idiopathic myelofibrosis and chronic myeloid leukemia). All known causes like myeloproliferative disorders of bone marrow, essential thrombocytosis, chronic myeloid leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis etc have to be looked into, and bone marrow biopsy performed. If these are ruled out then other rare causes need to be looked into. One is an absent spleen or a poor functioning spleen. A rare condition known as Kawasaki's disease, which occurs as a result of inflammation of the arteries is another possibility. Take care!
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