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I would like to get back into exercising more, however I'm concerned with how my cranium will handle it, because it's still healing from having a tumor removed in 08/11. I do walk, but I did more before the tumor was diagnosed. My neurosurgeon doesn't address anything that he doesn't seem to think is his field. My chiropractor says walk, walk, walk. Which is ok, but with the weather getting colder, I can't tolerate outside much. We have an exercise room with several different machines, but I don't want to overdo it. I still feel off-balance with bending down & up & around too much, so vertical or sitting down outstreched maybe. Any suggestions would be appreciated so I don't hurt my head. Thank You.
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Hi there-
What great news to ramp up your activity. I need to do this too!

If you are still feeling off balance with bending down, I would recommend that you might try get referred to and and make an appt with a physical therapist. A PT could help to develop a plan for regain some strength in your legs and core based on you. If you can get that referral you might be able to get six-10 sessions where the PT would work side by side with you and help to to gently improve your strength with ball and gentle mat type exercises and also assess and teach you how to use the equipment that might be appropriate for you to use.

Balance issues are tough and so you will probably be able to use machines where you can really hold onto them and feel very very secure that you know how you use them properly. You might need to learn this.

Given what ever limitations you might have. An exercise bike might be a good indoor machine that you could use once you feel comfortable enough balance-wise. A treadmill might be another one that you could use too once you get a little help and feel 100% secure in knowing how it works."Imagine a run away treadmill..eeks"

But never ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Another member recently had a fall. And I know that I am a total clutz myself. You should not let those things scare you, but caution you to be careful.

How good for you!!!
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I had a craniotomy in April 2011. I am still having trouble getting back in to exercise. However, my NS said that I can't actually hurt myself as far as damage to brain, it's just a matter of me being uncomfortable and having difficulty. From what I gather after reading many people's experiences, it is a very individual thing. But I can tell you it does seem to be very normal to have trouble getting back into exercise, and it is common for fatigue and other issues to last for a year.

For me, I find that if I move too much (bending, lifting, etc), I get inflammation in the surgical site and where my problem was- by my eye. About a month ago I went on a slightly more strenuous hike and I had to carry my daughter for a short distance. I felt pressure by the surgical site immediately. After getting home, I spent the rest of the day unable to do much of anything, and it took several days for me to get back to normal.

Slowly start increasing your exercise, but watch for signs that you're overdoing it. Don't worry about anything like popping a screw, but know that you may feel fatigued and may get a headache. Be sure to drink plenty of water.
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