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Headache advice please help

I'm wondering if someone can help me out.
Two months ago I started getting these weird sensations in my head usually on both sides at the front. They were tingling sensations and would last seconds and reoccur often during the day but I didn't really worry that much.
The more they appeared the concerned I got and I was convinced I had a brain tumour. Now my symptoms are pressure along forehead and eyes. I was perceived steroid for sinuses but it didn't help. Sometimes I get a strain in neck and the pain can change.
I often find that one day it's my eye that's feeling pressure and along my ear. Then the next it's the top of my head that's hurting/tingling feeling. I want to note it's all one side and only one eye that I'm feeling pressure in. Sometimes I'll get these short pulses/throbbing sensation in the other side too but that's seldom, it's mainly on the one side.
I'm really worrying about it and I'm totally stressed out that it's something awful like a brain tumour , it's all I think about.
I got glasses two months ago for seeing things far away and sometimes when I wear them the feeling is less. I'm wondering if someone can help me out? I haven't been sick or nauseous. I feel ok apart from the headaches etc. sometimes I feel dizzy when I'm really worried about it all. I'm getting a ct scan on Wednesday. I am always googling my symptoms and wanting some guidance as I'm just so fed up with this. I get to the point where I get so worried I start to cry about it. I never have had headaches before this and I live a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and eating habits.
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Have you seen a doctor? Odds are against a tumor... Usually migraines, tension headaches or anxiety.

See a doctor. No one on the Internet can help.
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Usually one sided symptoms , I think and am not a doc, migrane syndrome, migrane headache...I hope u can see a doc who can explain and reassure u.
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I have experienced something like that but more severe, I had went to Children's Nationwide Hospital in Ohio, it took two neurologists to figure out what is wrong, which they never figured out why so I went to their eye clinic, eyes are good, went to OSU hospital the Neuro opto couldn't figure out why, had an mri at Children's everything came back clear, I got less unfortunate because nobody knows why I have headaches/migraines daily so I have to suffer but medication can cause headaches/migraines and so can stress, which stress will worsen it, seems like it's tension headaches and when something triggers it it seems to make it worse into a migraine, but if you're worried get a mri done, but if you do ask to drink contrast, it lightens up the brain more, but if I was you I wouldn't stress about a tumor, but talk to your doctor about medication for it
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If you're appetite changes, or you drink caffeine on a regular basis and stop (withdrawals) and drink caffeine again etc.or if you don't drink enough water (causes the brain to dehydrate) those can be why you get them but mainly those are triggers to make the headaches worse, I know most of this because of this pamphlet I got from my neurologist at Children's for different kinds of headaches, triggers, and symptoms
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