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A Lump/Mass type Hard bulge above Left Breast

Hello everyone,

Thank you in advance, this post is a little lengthy, please give some time to look into it.

I noticed a lump (a little square shpaed and harder) a little like 2 inches above the left breast. I was really worried but am really uncomfortable going for any checkups as I am a very very shy person. So, searched a lot on the internet and felt it was a little bit like it is fibroadenoma.

Then Almost for 2 months after being first noticed, I noticed it increasing in size. It had started from a few inches above the left breast (it was hard on touching), and then it increased in size (it has reached more than 8-10 cm) almost extending upto the clavicle bone. It didn’t feel any specific shape. A slight bulge can be felt on touching the skin.
Then, I went to see a breast surgeon. Well, I was very reluctant to go, but agreed later.

On the initial physical examination, the doctor saw/ pressed around the said area.
The doctor was almost sure that it was nothing related to the breast/breast tissue. I
Was recommended for Chest X-ray and Breast USG. 

The doctor says Breast USG Report is CLEAN as regards to Breast or there is nothing related to Breast Cancer/related issues. As per the reports and the impressions seen, she recommended to show the Orthopedic doctor. 

The Impressions on the Breast USG Report:
1. Few tiny well-defined hypo echoic lesions at the upper quadrant of bilateral breasts-likely fibroadenoma.
2. Mild Rib exostosis with bony prominence at the left anterior rib.
3. Few benign enlarged lymph nodes at bilateral axilla with fatty hilum-s/o axillary lymphadenopathy.

Also, on showing the X-ray to the Orthopedic doctor, the Bones Look fine, no problem. So, it could be  COSTOCHONDRITIS.

HOWEVER, unlike in costochondritis, there’s no pain in that area,. 

So, in summary, 

1. Something like a lump/mass above the left breast (first noticed 2 months ago, and size kept on increasing, and now almost 8-9 cm). A slight bulge can be felt on the skin when touched.
2. The Breast Surgeon physically examined, the initial result- said it’s not related to breast tissues. Asked for Chest Xray and Breast USG
3. Breast USG shows a Clean Breast Report. But shows some other impressions, for which the doctor recommended to Orthopedic
4. The orthopedic doc saw the Chest X-ray also shows a clear X-ray. So the ortho says it might be COSTOCHONDRITIS. 

However, no pain as is seen in COSTOCHONDRITIS has been observed.

Please can anybody tell me what it could be??? Really worried.
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Hi there. I can really see how anxiety may have impacted things here.  I'm an anxiety sufferer myself!  I understand.

Now, back to your situation.  Costochronditis by definition is harmless swelling (inflammation) in the chest area. Yes, it is typically painful. Does that mean always? probably not but uncommon to not have pain for sure. I think they are saying that this is what you have due to location, obviously. There is also this, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/23565-tietze-syndrome#:~:text=Tietze%20syndrome%20is%20a%20rare,include%20rest%2C%20NSAIDs%20and%20corticosteroids. (copy and paste that ridiculously long link, not sure why it showed like that.  It's just the Cleveland Clinic).  This is similar but slightly different. But eh, ALSO includes pain in the same area.

I will say that I totally see your point. That almost everything you read about costochondritis includes pain. And since you don't have pain, it says that diagnosis is not likely.

So, what to do? I'd go back to the doctor. I'd be that squeaky wheel. And get more opinions.

We have an undiagnosed symptom forum that is great . . . I recommend you post this there too. It's under the U's in the Communities tab above.

You did post this a couple of weeks ago and am wondering if there is any improvement.
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One thing more:
I sometimes feel heavy hearted (shortness of breathe- could be due to a lot of stress and anxiety that I am going through). Also, I have been experiencing a log of fatigue since 2 months or so. I sometimes used to feel fatigued previously as well, but this has significantly increased over a couple of months.
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