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Breast Lump/Mass UnDetected

A 2 inch finger-like palpable abnormality was found by PCP, Radiologist, and Surgeon.  It was undetected in a mammogram and ultrasound.  All exams were done mid cycle.  Surgeon is only calling it a lump, a mass.  I am scheduled for surgery 3 weeks out from exams putting me at first week in Dec.  Surgeon will be removing it entirely and sending it to the lab.  One of the reports indicated no solid or cystic abnormality.   I had a breast exam done by the same PCP 6 months ago and it was not deteted then.  She will also be removing a skin lesion(small beauty mark)on same breast.  I have very fibrocystic breasts.  My mother had a mastecomy at age 85.  Her sister also had breast cancer late and died around age 75.  I have a maternal 1st cousin(my age) from a different aunt who also passed away in her early forties from breast cancer.
Should I be worried?   What kind of recovery can I expect...duration...pain?  Please ease my mind.
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I don't have any specific advise but I do have a lump that also doesn't show up on ultrasound or mammogram.  I consulted two doctors and neither are too worried about it in my case.  They are having me come in in three months for a recheck, probably to ease my mind since I stress about it.

However, I do worry and I hate feeling my pea sized lump that no one can seem to give me any information about,  In your case, you're lucky that they will do  a biopsy on you, my doctors won't because they said they may rupture my breast implants and feel my risk is low.

Good luck to you.  Keep us posted on how this turns out.
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