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Breast Pain

I have been expierencing breast tenderness in both breasts at times painful and very tender to the touch.  Recently, I have noticed a lump on the side of my left breast or slightly into my left armpit which has gotten slightly bigger and I at times seem to have a nagging pain there and can feel it somedays more then others.  Also, I do regular self breast exams and seem to have lumps on both breasts but not sure exactly if it is tissue or actual lumps tha I am feeling.  What should my first course of action be? mammogram, mri obviously a visit to Ob/GYN?  I am afraid of what the results will be and I seem to be putting this off even though I know that early detection means early prevention.   Please advise?
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What is your age? Have you noticed any change in the pain, tenderness or lumpiness associated with your menstraul cycle?

This could be fibroadenoma or fibrocystic disease which shows changes due to hormonal fluctuations in the body.

You should consult your physician and get a Mammogram and USG done to get a confirmed diagnosis.

The further plan of management can then be decided accordingly.

Good luck.
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Hi.  The best course of action is to consult with a doctor (not necessarily an OB-Gyn, you may also consider going to either an oncologist or internist) and have a mammogram done.  It will not do you any good to continue delaying the consult. Since the breast pain/tenderness involves both breasts, this may be hormone related.  Do you take oral contraceptive pills? Does the pain and tenderness wax and wane with the onset of menstruation? Breast cancer is not the only condition which are affected by hormones.  Fibrocystic disease and fibroadenoma are non-cancerous conditions which I think should be excluded first, before considering a diagnosis of cancer.  So, have that check-up soon!
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