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Multiple fibroadenomas in teen

Hi everyone, I'm an 18 year old with five supposed fibroadenomas. I had two removed last year, one around 4cm and the other about 3cm, and now three more have popped up within a year and a half of my initial ultrasound. Does anyone know why I continent to form these masses? Is there anything I can do to stop it? Diet change, etc.? How likely is a misdiagnosis and that these lumps are actually phyllodes tumors instead of fibroadenomas?
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Continue, not continent. Whoops!
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I'm experiencing that too..all in all i got 6...
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If you have several lumps that are causing you discomfort,you must check with your doctor,so he/she can run some tests to make sure that each lump is without question a Fibroadenoma.
These benign lumps develop mostly in young women during the puberty years,but can occur at any age.No one knows what causes fibroadenomas,but it's believed that these breast lumps occur due to an increased sensitivity to the hormone estrogen that is present in women.
It is important that you follow a diet that is low on meat and fat and restrict the amount of alcohol (if you drink),or if possible, avoid drinking it altogether.Consuming less coffee,chocolate,colas and salty food is also advisable.Including fish oil in your diet is extremely beneficial to control and prevent fibroadenomas For a while, you can even go vegetarian, as vegetarian diets are usually high in fiber.
If you find that these natural remedies are not working, you should consult your doctor who may recommend to surgically remove the fibroadenomas.
(Onthedanceflorr) please have these 3 new lumps, that have appeared, checked out the sooner the better, just to make sure okay?
Take care and best wishes to both of you.
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