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New Very Uncertain Mammogram Report

I am 70 years old and have been having yearly mammograms since I was 40.

My reports always said that I have heterogeneously dense breasts until last year, when the first mammogram I had after moving to another state.  That report said I have scattered areas of fibroglandular density as did the mammogram I just had on September 20th.

The report last year had BI-RADS 1 negative.  The one I just had says it is inconclusive BI-RADS 0 because it states:

A possible developing area of distortion is seen in the lateral aspect of the left
breast. The parenchymal pattern otherwise demonstrates no suspicious

I had a Lipoma removed 23 years ago on the outer side of my left breast.  Could it be scar tissue that the radiologist is seeing?

Has anyone ever gotten such a report saying "a possible developing distortion" before?  It sounds like the radiologist is hedging to me.

They want me to have a diagnostic mammogram and possibly an ultrasound and I can't even get an appointment for 4 weeks!

Any information is appreciated.
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I forgot to mention that I only had the 2D mammogram, i have avoided the 3D because it uses more radiation.
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