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Total mastectomy

Halo!Before 4 and 2 years ago I have two lumpectomy on the same breast.Results  was:First time in 2005:Dysplasia mammae(mastopathia fibrosa proliferativa).The second time ,in 2007:Mastopathia fibrocystica proliferativa.
After that I go to mammo and echo every 6 months.
Now, in july, on echo my doctor seen three new lumps (on the same breast )and immediately sent me on surgery.That lumps   not exists on last control in November 2008.
Because of all that, I went to other specialist for second opinion.Result of new echo and mammo was:These three lumps are big calcification and are result of double skar on breast and there is no chancefor progress in something else.
But, He seen something else:in the other breast which is full of cists,lump with microcalcificatoin with BIRADS 4 score and immediately done Core biopsy, Now I wait for results .My new doctor said to me that there is no chance to not have surgery, but depense of results he will know what kind of surgery.That lump he said that exist on mammo since 2007 but the other doctor not seen .To whom to believed?To find third?Oh, no again!
Now, I have totally chaos in my  mind, and , please if you know something more in this way,please answer to me:
-What are negative sides of total mastectomy?Can or not to be done in premenopausal period.I thing that is enough surgery for me for every two years and more  and more again.What you mean?
Best regards

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As far as the downside of mastectomy except for the fact that it is a more major surgery is cosmetic. You can always have reconstruction and have that done at the same time as the mastectomy OR have it done later. If you chose you could also wear a prosthesis rather than having a breast reconstruction. Either lumpectomy or mastectomy can be done at any time; pre or post menopausal makes no difference. Since you seem to be stressed by the thought of several repeat surgeries then perhaps the mastectomy would be a good choice for you. Depending on how large your breasts are, repeat lumpectomies can often leave the breast somewhat deformed anyway. I'm sure your Surgeon will adivse which surgery will be most beneficial in your particular case. I really see no need for a 3rd opinion but if it would make you more comfortable then by all means get one.    Kindest regards ...
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I had my results today from core biopsy and diagnose is:masthopathia chronica.That means :I,m happy now.Thanks a lot for your advices and support.I was thinking about total mastectomy ,but my doctor said to me that is very,very fullish idea .He suggested me to have another lumpectomy or to  have mammo and echo for every 3 months.
I have no decision jet, because of my negative results (I,m too happy), but tomorrow I have to decide.
Best regards,
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