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I am 3 years post breast cancer i had lumpectomy chemo rads i have taken tamoxofen for 2,5 years now on aromasil i had a bone density scan and was told i had low calcuim levels, now on calcuim sandox and actonel asked if i had osetoprosis and was told no  have read around actonel and have not taken it yet as of the side effects please can you advice thanks. Also had total hyestrectomy at the same time due to poylps
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Hi there.

I understand your concern regarding this.  Actonel has a warning in their website that this should not be taken if you have low blood calcium levels as the levels of calcium may further go down with the use of this drug.  I would suggest that you proceed with the calcium supplementation and talk to your doctor about retesting the levels of calcium after about a month to see if this would come up.  After that, then you may already have no contraindications is using Actonel.

All of these drugs and supplements may aid in preventing side effects of aromasin such as that of further lowering of bone mineral density and bone pains.
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I have not had my blood levels done this was perscribed from my bone density scan thanks
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