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breast abscess

This past year I've been dealing with a breast abscess. Apparently, it developed from scar tissue when I had mastitus a few years back. I've had 3 aspirations. The latest ultrasound indicated no improvement. The abscess was still the same size. Yesterday, I had a consult with a surgeon who tried taking a sample and no liquid came out. I'm very worried. Is it normal for an abscess to turn hard? I will be getting an additional ultrasound and mammogram before surgery is considered. Although, all my other aspirations were done with an ultrasound. The surgeon tried in his office. A part of me hopes he just missed :/ The diameter is 2cm by 3cm Not likely, right? Any and all feed back would be greatly appreciated. Are there any questions I can ask for my next visit.
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I am sorry if I can't be of much help regarding your situation.The fact that the abscess has hardened and draining it was not possible,I presume your Surgeon wants to run more tests probably to evaluate the extent of this abscess or because he thinks that it could be something other than an abscess,such as scar tissue,a fibroadenoma, fat necrosis or other growth.
I think your Surgeon is doing the right thing to further investigate this lump, before considering surgery.  
I can't think of anything you could ask for now,until you find out from your Surgeon or radiologist what your mammogram and Ultrasound results are.
Hoping that all will turn out just fine and wishing you all the best...
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Thank you :)
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You welcome solicia,
Please let us know,(using this same thread) if you have any questions regarding your tests results and we will do our best to help you in any way that we can.
Again I wish you well and I hope this problem will be resolved soon...
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Will do and thanks again.
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I had my ultra sound and mammogram the other day. Since I've posted my previous question. I developed another lump. It turns out that I have another abscess in the same breast :/

The other abscess that was thought to have turned hard is actually still an abscess. I strongly suspect the surgeon missed when he tried to aspirate in the office w/o ultrasound. If it were scar tissue it would have not been detected in an ultra sound. According to the radiologist.  I'm curious because the previous aspirations did not work is surgery the next step? I'm quite afraid to have a double draining.

If surgery is required how long is the healing time, roughly. I mean, how much work will I miss? My job is physically demanding and I do a lot of lifting throughout my shift.

Thank you in advance
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Hi again Solicia,
Glad to know that your tests did not show that you have breast cancer and that's wonderful news!. I would like to let you know though,that I am not that knowledgeable about breast abscesses.All I know is that these breast infections are usually first treated with antibiotics or by opening and draining the infected tissue to eradicate the infection and minimize complications.
I am not sure,but Is it possible that your abscess has a thick rind and that's why it couldn't be aspirated in the first place?
I guess your Breast Surgeon will advise you on what has to come next concerning the type of surgery and medication you'll need etc..The healing and recovery time differs from person to person, and of course it would also depend on how extensive the surgery will be,depending on how deep the abscess is located..
I am really sorry if I can't be of much help,but I would advise you to ask your surgeon all the questions you have asked here, and I am sure that you'll be much better informed regarding drainage,healing,and especially when you can go back to work since your job is physically demanding.
Wishing you all the best and prompt recovery.
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