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breast cancer baseline mamography

I get many different answers to this. What is the recommended age for my daughter to have a baseline mammo or breast MRI (she has a baby and breast fed for over 2 years)? I had breast cancer at age 54 and do not have the brca gene. Thanks you!
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First of all I hope that your daughter will never have to suffer this disease.But as a concerned and loving mother you are sure doing the right thing wanting to protect her and be informed.
Since you have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past,it does put your daughter at a higher risk,but it doesn't mean that she will also experience this disease.
Usually women get their first baseline mammogram at age 40.But since she now has a family history of breast cancer,many doctors would recommend mammograms at age 35.
Aside mammograms or other tests ,it's very important that your daughter practices
BSE (Breast Self Exam) each month, always one week after she starts her menstruation.The purpose of self breast examination is to feel for any lumps.Some breasts feel lumpy and becoming familiar with how the breast tissue feels, will help your daughter to identify any changes
You will find on the link below a video of BSE that is very good and informative.


A clinical breast examination (one done by a health care professional) should also be done yearly as are also mammograms or other tests recommended by her Doctor.
Being vigilant is the key word and I sure hope that your daughter will be just fine and have a happy healthy life.
Best wishes to both of you.
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I think it's 40, but surely if there are special considerations, i.e. your having had bc, or she has symptoms, etc, a mammogram can be done earlier.

This baseline view is important to have and usually it's recommended around the age of 40?

On the other hand, and since your daughter is breast feeding, it may be good to wait until she stops nursing for the purpose of getting a more accurate picture.

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Thank you both very much for your concern and your suggestions. Be well!
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