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breast lump

hi my doc as found a lump on my breast i have had discharge of yellow brown colour i have had antibiotics for two weeks but lump is still there and been having pain underarmpit been reffered to surgeon how long does this take
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This may or may not be an infection .... I'm not sure why you were given the Antibiotics as a lump can be several things ... a simple cyst, fibroadenoma or something more serious, none of which would respond to Antibiotic Therapy.  Breast discharge isn't at all unusual and often isn't an indication of anything at all. You make no mention of a Mammogram or Ultrasound but I think being referred to a Breast Surgeon is a very good idea at this point. I'm sure there will be some type of testing done (if it hasn't been already) to diagnose this problem and define the exact nature of the lump you mention. How long this will take will depend upon exactly what is going on with the lump and what it represents.   Regards ....
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i think the mammogram is done before i see breast surgeon, i was on antibiotics because my breast was sore to touch first and doc gave antibitotics but while examining me he found a lump, i had to return a week after antibiotic to see if any improvement but same, and the lump is still the same, so he as reffered me to surgeon
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