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joint and bone pain after chemotherapy

I had chemotherapy exactly one year ago and a few months after the chemotherapy I started to have real pain in my joints and bones all over. It especially hurts if I have been inactive for more than 15 minutes. My doctor did a bone scan and results were good for no cancer, but is this really arthritis?I did not have it before the chemotherapy.
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I could certainly be arthritis .... I'm sure this could and probably was diagnosed in the report of your Bone Scan. It could also be a delayed result of the Chemotherapy. I wonder if by any chance you might be on Tamoxifen or another similar drug following your Chemo. If so, this could certainly be the cause.   Regards ....
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What kind of chemo did you receive?  I am thinking it might be a combination of the chemo and some OA (Osteoarthritis).  
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I've got the same bone and joint pains and mine started during chemo two years ago. Tamoxifen kept the pain chain going :)

I was tested for arthritis and am happy to say that is at least ONE thing I don't have.

Best wishes.
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