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Hi!  I have a lump that both my GYN and I can feel.  I have had an MRI, MAMMO & US.  All are negative but I do have scattered fibroglandular elements and discharge.  Strong family history.  Past ductal excision for multiple papillomas.  No one is reall concerned.  Do I need to continue to follow up or is it ok to just let it go.  My GYN has offered to have it biopsied since we can feel it and wants me to see a surgeon for the discharge.  The surgeon is not concerned and gave me an appt in 12 weeks.  Should I just let it go or pursue it???  
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Hi there.

If there is one reason for you to continue to go for screening breast tests is that you have a strong family history.  The negative MRI, mammogram and ultrasound are all comforting, and this lump can just be fibrocystic breast changes.  Going for a biopsy is another question since if your doctors are not concerned about this, then it is really possible that the biopsy may just be a waste of resources.

However, given your family history, I would still suggest you continue to have screening tests such as yearly or twice yearly mammograms and continue to observe your breast for any changes.

Regards and God bless.
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Hi!  Thanks for the answer-my GYN concern is the discharge has started again.  I guess I am confused the mammogram and US did not show the lump at all nor told her/me what we are feeling.  We just know it is new and is hard and is definately there.  My imagining said that I had dense breasts with scattered fibroglandular elements. The MRI we are waiting on the results but she thinks that from what the radioloigist told her it was negative.  As for fibercystic breasts I had a hysterectomy - 4 years ago for endo. & PCOS-don't fiber cystic breast = pre-menopausal?  She suggested the biopsy beucase no one has said for sure what it (the lump) is.  Family histiry: my maternal aunt got breast cancer at 35 and died at 40, another in her 50's and died within 5 years, my mom has lcis, and my maternal grandma and two of her sisters and some of their daughters all had BC.  I have already had surgery for the discharge becuase I was told that all discharge had to have the problem duct biopsied.  Is this not true? Should we be concerned about the discharge or just watch that along with the lump for changes?
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