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pain in breats

I'm 23yrs old , female, married but dont have any kid and from past few months i used to have very small bolls like thing... like...lipoma in my breast and it also used to pain. It was more than an often. But now, from past 1 month, i'm still feeling the same thing in my breast on both sides and it pains a lot. i have got a lot of pain in my nipples also. Can anyone suggest me, what's this? Do i have to visit the docot or is it a normal thing?
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Well..thanx..i din't know that..i will go to the doctor when i"ll get time.

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Pain in the breasts is a common symptom, which is rarely due to cancer especially when both breasts are involved.The normal cyclical breast pain is related to hormone imbalances.Temporary increased estrogen production may result in breasts pain, fullness and lumpiness.Your soreness could be related to changes in your hormones but you should see your doctor for a clinical breast exam and to check if you might possibly be pregnant.
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