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Cancer Blood screening/Test Questions

I recently took it upon myself to order blood tests from Private MD Labs and got the results back the other day..I sent them to my GYNO & family doc and as usual I havent heard anything back from either.. Could anyone tell me anything about my rsults?
(CEA) 3.2
(CA 19-9) 15
(CA125) 13.3
C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac 5.51 *fagged high
(CA15-3) 19
Lipid-associated Sialic Acid: 23 *flagged high
They did CBC and all the other good stuff but the cancer antigens are my main concerns..
I have been sick off and on since Thanksgiving..totally run down. I feel like something is killing me!! But can't get m doctors to listen or understand, whih is wy I paid the $ to get the tests I did.. should I go a little further and get more tests?
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Might I add my hips have had me in excrutiating pain for about month now. Being 31 years old I should not have this problem!
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I know this is an old post. But I was wondering if you got any answers. I also went out and ordered my own blood tests and my Lipid Associated Sialic Acid was also flagged high at 20 and have been worried about cancer. Did you find anything out as to what can cause it to be high other than cancer. My c reactive protein was normal...
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