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Cat Symptoms kinda odd

Let me give you a little background. Siamese Lynx-Point,spayed female, 8 yrs old, no prior medical condition other than 2 UTI's. Presents with coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge. Given Amoxil for RI for 7 days, went away for 3 months... came back ...given another dose Amoxil for 10 days. Symptoms came back 1 month later Given another med for 10 days and on 7th day quit eating and still drinking. Day 9 quit drinking on day 10 took to vet,Chest Xray showed what looked to her to be starting of pnemonia, bloodwork showed elevated WBC's and dehydrated. She was admitted with IV fluids and given 3 doses of antibiotics via injection over 2 days (day before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve), sent home Christmas Day with liquid meds for 8 days. Seems to be getting better everyday (playing and acting normally), no more sneezing or nasal discharge, started eating (only tuna) on her own the day of hospital discharge. Since discharge have gotten her semi broke from just tuna and she started eating her reg. food again, Friday afternoon/evening  noticed her after her nap came out with a lump on her forehead and swelling on one side of her face with same color nasal discharge. Vets were not in so took her in this Monday am as her swelling didn't get worse. Vet did 2 head xrays and says tumor. Can you tell a tumor just with xray? If so, what type of tumor would grow THAT fast? Could it be something else? abcessed tooth or something else??
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Yes, xrays are useful tools in diagnosing a lump or tumor.  However, it can't end there, they will need to do other tests such as a needle biopsy and/or a CAT scan to really tell what's going on.

Luckily, you are obviously on top of your cats medical care.  There are a variety of treatments available with these types of situations, just like with people.  It's hard for me to speak on this specifically, since the only information I have is "tumor", not what kind, etc.

What did the vet say about further testing and treatment?  Did you get any kind of preliminary diagnosis or an opinion of any kind about this?  If not (which would be surprising), then I'd certainly make a follow up visit.  And don't hesitate to get a second opinion any time you are not 100% sure about what's being done with your cats care - this is especially important with something potentially serious.  I usually recommend going to an animal hospital, as they have large, experienced staffs that have dealt with pretty much everything you can think of.

Try not to worry too much!  I know it's distressing, as I have been through similar situations.  The best thing is just to take it one step at a time.

Please keep us posted and please don't hesitate to ask anything at all.

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Hi, I am currently in the x-ray field, and NO an x-ray can not diagnosis a sinus tumor.  It can suggest it, if there is some bone destruction.  A CT scan and MRI will give you some more info., but the only definite diagnosis you will get is with a biopsy of the suspected growth.  That is the ONLY way to make a true diagnosis.

You should post your question on the Ask A Vet forum it's also on MedHelp under pets!!  Then, a real vet can answer your question.

I really do wish you the best.  I know how stressed you must be right now.  I've been in your shoes way too many times!

Please keep us posted.  And, please check out our health pages for some great tips for your kitty!  You can find it listed as Health Pages at the top right of the screen, directly above Recent Activity.
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Ok, I just got back from my second opinion. Just from xrays and visual inspection from another vet, she also said suspected sinus tumor. Referred me to MedVet 2 hrs from here. I'm calling them today and getting an appt.
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Thanks for the update!  Well, good luck at your referral appointment!  Please let us know how it goes!  If you have any other questions, concerns, or just need to vent....we are here for you!  =D
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Ok I am back....UGH I could not go to MedVet, they wanted $320 for initial visit and another $220 for a rhinoscopy. This has been one disappointment after another. I went for a third and fourth opinion. NOTHING!!!! "WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS" She was tested for FiLV, FIV, Lupus, and many other diseases. All to be negative. We tried anti-virals, anti-fungals, steriods, antibiotics (every one that is approved for use in cats). Her face swelling has never went all the way down. So finally we decided to try a punch biopsy of her bump on her head between her eyes, results were inflammation.  We are now in September, in August she got one bump on her back, it started getting bigger and was seeping yellow fluid, She went in on Tuesday for removal and biopsy, result was round cell neoplasia (which vet said is abnormal tissue, not cancerous yet). Took her to the vet at 830am for surgery, checked her over head to toe before I left the house. She had that large cyst (one being removed), smaller one right above it, one on the base of her tail, and one on her belly as well as her face swollen what I would classify as medium swelling with no nasal discharge. I called to check on her at 6pm they said she was resting comfortably so I thought..what the heck, I'm going to visit her. I walked in to find what was the most devestating site! She was COVERED in tiny bumps (some looked like blisters) all over her back where she was shaved, a very large blister looking thing in her right ear, paw swollen and so much green and yellow snot coming out of her nose that she couldn't breathe as well as her face swollen to the point of almost not being able to open her eyes. I was livid!!! called the vet in and said....I dropped her off 10 hours ago and she didn't have any of this...Pardon my french but what the hell did you do to my cat?? They said...well maybe she had an allergic reaction to something. PUt her on Benadryl when you get home and see. I couldn't get it down her to be honest so I have no idea if it would have worked. They sent her home with steriod drops for her nose(refill) , prednisone shot.

NOW...as of today, she is itchy, (loves it when I massage and scratch all those bumps), her facial swelling is NOT going down at all, her bump that was the size of a pea when I dropped her off was the size of a dime when I showed up to check on her, it has not gone down at all. BUT...the weird thing....She has no bumps on her body where there is fur, it is all located where she was shaved.

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OMG, I'm sorry you and your kitty have been going through so much!!  I was hoping to hear that things have cleared up!!  I can imagine how frustrated you must be feeling!  Gosh, there's got to be something that can help your kitty.  =(

Maybe your kitty's got some allergies-her food, possibly?  That could cause skin problems.  Kidney and liver problems can also cause skin problems.  If it's allergies, you can try experimenting with her foods to see if there's any improvement.  

How long have all these problems been going on?
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I thought of that but she has and will only eat Iams Original or tuna. That's it her whole life. I thought maybe it was the tuna so I stopped giving it to her and it didn't get better. The only thing that was noticed on her bloodwork was low WBC, low BUN. Everything else was normal.

I'm uploading pics for a vet in California if anyone wants to see them. http://ckwebsitedesigns.com/images/SAPPHIRE/
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You didn't mention how long this skin problem and nasal problems have been going on.  AND, is she an outside cat?  These are important questions.  If she's an outside question, there could be a parasite or some kind of strange fungal infection.  These problems would also cause a high WBC.  I had to go reread your post to make sure I didn't miss anything.  OK, I'm a little confused......now, she has a low WBC?  Either way, I'd still ask about a parasite or a fungal infection.  Both are possible.  Sometimes, if an infection is bad enough, it can lower the WBC.

By the way, a low BUN is awesome!!!  That means her kidney function is great!  That is GOOD news!  You start to worry when that level starts rising.

I really hope that you get some answers soon!  I will try to help as much as I can.  I did look up round cell neoplasia, and saw that it could be from an immune system disorder.  I would definitely do some googling and check it out!

Take care!  If ya need help looking up some stuff or you'd like some opinions come on back or you can send me a private msg anytime!!

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Ok, we did treat her for a fungal infection. She was on fluconizole. No help. :( She was also on an anti-viral and it didn't help. Her counts were back when she had pnemonia. I'm getting them done again tomorrow. I'll let ya know.
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Is she indoor only?  How long has this been going on?
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Has your kitty been tested for Cryptococcus?  Our cat had this and it started out looking like a big bump in between her eyes.

I just looked up cryptococcus in cats and the first site I went to said "some studies have shown Siamese cats may be slightly more suseptable."

I see your girl has already been on Fluconizole which is what Jade was treated with, but we had to give her a pill twice a day for 4mos.  It took a very long time to see improvement.

I really hope you get some answers soon.  I looked at your pics and I feel so bad for your kitty...and you too :(

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Ok, got the bloodwork back.

RBC 3.78
HCT 17.9
HGB 6.9
LYM 0.28
WBC 3.58

MCHC 38.7

MCV, MCH, RDW, NEU, MONO, EOS, BASO, PLT     all normal

All results are pointing towards anemia and viral infection from what I've found. I haven't talked to the vet yet.
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I am soooo at my wits end with this. Her FeLV and FIV are neg. But still showing signs with low WBC and RBC of being FeLV. She has NEVER been around another cat. EVER! She has had her boosters. The only time she has ever had any contact whatsoever with an other animal other than my own was when she went in for pnemonia and stayed overnight Xmas Eve and the next day. This is soooooooo frustrating. Her face is now sooooo swelled that her lil eyes are watering
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Maybe it's time to see a specialist.  You might like the vet that your kitty is seeing now, BUT she's not getting to the root of the problem.  You and your kitty need to find out what the real deal is.  You both deserve it.  You need some answers, and this sounds like a complicated case.  It must be sooooo frustrating!  =(

Have you thought about taking her to a big vet hospital-a teaching hospital?  What state do you live in?  Do some research on the web or ask your vet about the closest one in your area.  I bet they'll be able to get to the bottom of this.

There's definitely something going on with the red blood cells.  I knew some of the abbreviations, but not all of them.  If the vet is suspecting an anemia, your next step is probably a specialized blood test to see if the red blood cells are regenerative or non-regenerative.  I had to get this test done on one of my cats.  Honestly, I can't remember if this was a normal blood test or if it was a bone marrow biopsy taken from the hip.  If it's regenerative, it means that the body is producing new RBCs.  If it's non-regenerative, the body isn't producing enough of them or any at all.  

Please let us know things are going.  I wish kitty the best!!
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We are consulting with a vet from Ohio state Unv. right now as well as a vet from CA. I have an appt with OSU on Tuesday.

Abbr. RBC Red Blood Cells
WBC White Blood Cells
HCT Hematocrite
HGB Hemoglobin
LYM Lymphocytes
MCHC no clue LOL
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OMG how horrible for poor kitty! so glad ur a good mommy and doing all u can, I sure hope for you both the university vets can come up with some answers.
My older kitty(himalayan)..ran the gamit of my vets experience here a few years ago and we went to a Vet university teaching hospital....poor Opus was seen and prodded by 3 or more vets for 2 days...but they did finally come up with his problem!!
Symptom was a very red swollen eye....dx was finally made to be high B/P..after the meds the swelling and redness went away but he did end up loosing the eye...those wonderful vets there and their caring and treatment kept him alive for another 3 yrs for me..(maxed my credit card for all those 3 yrs too)
All the best of luck to you and poor baby!
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hi again, did mean to mention...I had another himmie(Bailey).
she was 15 at the time and had similar symptoms to yours...sneezing, nasal discharge...treated with various antibiotics etc, later discharge turned bloody and again we were sent to the Vet Hospital in the city...after testing and xrays it was determinded to be a sinus tumor, they didn't do a biopsy I was told there that 99% of sinus tumors are malignant. I was so upset, within 3 weeks she stopped eating and I had to put her down she was having so much trouble breathing by than.
I hope this doesn't turn out to be the case for you're baby and I hope I'm not scaring you with this info
again I will keep u both in my prayers
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WOW, that is great that you're seeing someone from OSU.  I bet they will be able to help you out a lot!!!  

BTW, I had no freaking clue what MCHC, MCH, and RDW were!!!  LOL  I knew the other ones!  


All of these are part of the immune system-the WBCs.  You said these are normal, so that means that it's probably not a virus, protozoa, or infection.

You should be at least a little bit relieved that you're getting your kitty into OSU.  Doesn't that make ya feel a little bit better?????  I have a good feeling that you'll get some answers from them!!........I REALLY do!  I have to say, I agree w/ Opus....you're an awesome mom to your kitty!  You are what a pet owner should be!!!

Lots of prayers to you and your baby.  Best of luck on Tuesday!!
PLT-this one might be platelets
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Thanks so much guys....I appreciate the amount of support I have been getting. The OSU oncologist has actually said if they can do it over the phone, fax, email they will to save me money...the total is now up to $2490. :( And yes, PLT is platlets.
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You're very welcome.  We are a bunch of cat lovers on this forum!  We LOVE seeing great owners like you that know how to take care of their cats!  =)  I can't tell ya how happy it makes me!!!  =)

Please let us know how things go with OSU!  Need any advice or tips, come on back!!

Take care!
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Diagnosis = Feline cutaneous epitheliotropic and nasal lymphosarcoma
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I'm sorry about the diagnosis!  I've never heard of that skin condition before, and didn't know that lymphosarcoma could hit the sinuses.  I know you must be disappointed over this, I am too!  I'm sure the vets can offer you some treatments that will make her more comfortable.

Bless you for being a wonderful pet owner.  You truly truly are!!  If you need anything, please come on back.

Take care
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Yes, we are bypassing chemo and radiation because they can't give me much of an outcome (6 to 9 mos). It will never go into remission. Just basically prolong the inevitable. We are keeping her comfortable. She also has the cutaneous. Typically starts in the nasal/parasinus cavity and progresses to the cutaneous. VERY OFTEN MISDIAGNOSED as other diseases or conditions. "It is easy to misdiagnose cutaneous lymphosarcoma because of its variable clinical presentation, and it may mimic many other skin diseases. Animals may present for a second opinion after many months of therapy in which antibiotics, dips, and steroids were not successful in eradicating a misdiagnosed problem."


"Clinical signs of lymphosarcoma of the nasal and/or paranasal sinuses include dyspnea, nasal discharge, facial distortion, and anorexia."

I just wish we would have caught it sooner.
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I am sorry I had wished for you both that you did catch it soon enough...I thought it sounded very much like the same symptoms as my Bailey had but I didn't want to be right...
I am soooo sorry, we try our very best and thats all we can do.
thats such a blow to hear the words 'just keep them comfortable'...that and even more love now!!
God bless
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