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Cat loses all personality?

I am seriously confused with my partners cat. She was a rescue from our local SPCA and is only about a year of age. She is a diluted torti and we think she has some Siamese in her because of her body shape and long face. She was the most playful kitten ever. She was always running around the house and jumping up on everything. She would take any chance she got to get under covers of behind shower curtains so that she could surprise you and play. She was so vocal and playful and had a very distinct personality. The parents of the family went away on vacation for a week and it was around that time that she 100% lost her personality. Now she just lays there with her eyes open and doesn't budge. She barely eats and has a lot of trouble going to the bathroom. When you interact with her its just like there is no one home, like the lights are on but no ones home. All she does is lay around with her eyes wide open or she insistently kneads on this one blanket. She kneads so intensely that she starts to drool at times and you can't snap her out of it. The vets don't know what to make of it. Shes been 3 or 4 times in the past 3 or 4 months and they just can't figure it out at all. They think she might have some sort of parasitic infection, irritable bowel syndrome or she is stuck in depression but they haven't been able to get a positive test on anything. We really just want to know what has happened to her and how we can help her. Shes like a zombie, there's just no one in there looking back at you and its upsetting. Can anyone help?!
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Hello, and welcome...it sounds like your girl may of somehow obtained a head injury.  The description of your kitty's behavior sounds Identical to our last cat who had one.  Identical!  When exactly did this happen?  

ANYTHING can happen with an animal.  If I hadn't of been looking out the window at precisely the moment the little boy across the street kicked our kitten in the head, I would never of known.  
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Its possible! She was crazy about jumping up on high places! She has been like this since February. How did things work out with your kitty? Did the vet have a way of diagnosing it or treating it?
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yes Jade is right, is does sound like its neurological in nature....very mysterious. Is there anyway she could have gotten into some chemicals around the home? even antifreeze around a car?.....
something is causing her drastic behavioral change..stuck in depression is pure NONSENSE...

you mentioned excessive drooling....that can be a sign of poisoning. I will send you an article that may be helpful(?)

other than that I can't imagine what could be wrong...did the Vet do blood work?

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This happened to my kitty back in 05 which was long before I found this site, and knew there was hope for head injuries.  I'm afraid we had to put Abby to sleep.  

Now that you say this has been going on for FIVE months, I think it must be something else other than head injury.  Definitely neurological, though.  And definitely NOT depression, that is absurd, I agree with Opus.  Your girls eyes aren't dilated, are they?  If not, then this is something else.  Poisoning also makes sense.  If you have the means, I would go for another opinion.  

I wish and your girl the best.  Do let us know if you are able to pinpoint what is wrong, as this is super strange...and no way for your beloved kitty to live.  

Wait, one more thought.  Try force feeding her a normal calorie intake, and see if it helps any.  We've had a few kitties not snap out of anesthesia until they are fully hydrated and eating.  You can try supplementing with Nutri-Cal which is a supplement you get from your Vet?...not sure, but please ask.  
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To help kitty keep hydrated, have your vet show you how to give her subcutaneous fluid (Ringer's Lactate).  We did this for our old Calamity Jane for the last 2 years of her life.

Keeping kitty properly hydrated will help make sure that her internal organs don't gain more damage.
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