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Cat peed in my Bed

My grown cat peed in my bed! WTF? I was gone for 8 months & 2 days after my return,she was sleeping in my bed,& in the am she peed on me & the bed. She did this only once before 3 yrs ago. I've read up on cat behavior & can't find anything that supports the idea that she was punishing me for being away. Any ideas? Thanks. Pamela
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Cats and pee, what can I say.  First of all, be sure she doesn't have any kind of kidney or urinary tract infection -- kitties do pee on the oddest spots when they do.  (I had a cat pee on a windowsill when he had a UTI.  Was just sitting there, then suddenly he was peeing, and not spraying or anything like that.  The urine hurts, and out it goes.)  But cats do express their feelings about things with peeing, especially in beds.  

One time we had a huge storm, so we brought all the cats in (they slept at that time in boxes in a mostly-enclosed porch, but for some reason that didn't seem like enough) and our two Golden Retrievers.  Set out the dog beds, set up the cat sleeping boxes, put the animals in the room.  One by one, each cat went over, sniffed the dog's bed, and peed in it.  Can't remember now if they picked on one dog, or if they shared the bounty between both beds.  I couldn't believe the little snots.

I don't think she was punishing you. But if you are sure she doesn't have a UTI or anything, she might just have been marking you, like my cats marked the dogs' beds that stormy night.  They just wanted the dogs to be sure to toe the line, acknowledging their rule, etc.  Your kitty might want to be sure you still acknowledge her as being the best in the world.
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Wow. You' ve lots of experience. Lots of cats & dogs too. Before we spent hundreds of $$ on tests, we got some advice from the vet supply. She's an indoor/ outdoor cat. But before we put her on a 10 day course of a antibiotics,they suggested we fill a cat box w soft sand & see if she uses it.
   So far no. I do kitten rescue work. Once last year I was caring for 11 little orphans!  Other workers put them up for adoption when they're ready. I truer to post photos, but this web site won't do it with my iPhone. Thanks!
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yes annie has lots of cat/dog experience as a long time owner...:)

I agree with whats she's told you, peeing can either be behavioral or medical. but don't jump into antibiotics too fast...try some other suggestions first. I will give you some links to read.
and GOOD ON YOU for doing the kitten rescue....I'm just wondering if there were other cats or kittens in your house or their smell was when this incident of on the bed happened????


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Thanks for the links. Yes working with the kittens is pretty much pure joy. I put little harnesses on the feral ones & clip them to the clothes line,so they can run, but not get away. My workers made huge cages, 4 of them,so everyone goes to bed at night safely. I cook food for them & sometimes the mothers,eat raw meat. I only do this in Costa Rica. But I love it. Pamela
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