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Cat with lesions/balding

I have a 5 year old black cat (believed to be part tabby) with constant lesions on his inner front legs, neck, tummy as well back inner legs.  He also has a swollen lip.  This has been going on for at least two years, and we have taken him to numerous vets around my area (mississauga).  This has been extremely costly,  they have done biopsies, taken blood numerous times and given him shots of a certain type of steroid.  Nothing has worked, it's very frustrating for my self and my family because we want to help him but have no idea whats going on,  and because of his lesion/crusting skin it's becoming more and more difficult to pet him without touching and irritating the lesions.  Please help I've took some pictures although I know aren't the best but if they help in trying to figure out what he has it would be greatly appreciated.  

We have tried dieting with certain food groups to check for food allergies and his condition did not change, he is an outdoor cat and we have also tried keeping him in for a month + and yet again no change to his condition.  We've tried bathing him with hypoallergenic shampoos and yet again, no result.  Please if you have any idea of how or what we could use to potentially help his condition let me know. It would be much appreciated.

Here are some pictures please be aware these pictures are of lesions so they aren't pretty.

Lesions on tummy:

Closer look at lesions on tummy:

Swollen lip:
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this poor kitty, can you imagine the discomfort....I am so glad your trying everything to help.
has the Vet talked to you about a condition called Eosinophilic granuloma complex or EGC? this is most likely what kitty has by the look of the photos and description you've given.
I will send you a site to compare.
One of mind also suffered with this and the culpret was an allergy to chicken, chicken is the base of MOST cat foods and a common allergen. I will include other sites for you to read on as well and I will help you all i can with questions you have afterwards...don't give up...



just want to add I don't agree with the use of steroids, this is only treating the symptoms and not the underlying disease and steroids can lead to many other health problems especially diabetes....so lets try other options first...ttyl
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Hello! And thank you for the super fast reply (:  even through all the tests and such my cat went through they couldn't find the underlining  cause,  I just bought some omega-3 drops to add to his food to see if that may help.  Do you think if it is tics that buying him a flea collar may work?  Currently we are using the liquid drops to protect against fleas/tics, but yet again I am not sure if this could be effecting him as well.

When we put him on a diet it consisted of just foods with turkey, so I doubt it's the chicken allergen.  The vets can be very frustrating when they start going in circles with procedures that are quite costly, I really don't think they know whats wrong and some of the treatments/shots/pills we have had to give him have just made him worse.

The vets didn't even mention this complex, I'm glad you linked me that,  it definitely looks like the EGC.  Now just to find a way to treat it :\
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I'll post a link to what dr. Cheng our MH Vet has to say abaout this disease.....

I will also say that turkey is no different than chicken, they are both poultry. Its usually advised to feed canned 'grain less' variety of vension or duck. my cat would eat neither and I had to temporarily feed him a fish diet...

only use steroids if absolutely necessary, I would try every other choice first. and if it does come down to medication a med called ATOPICA is much safer than prednisone or prednisolone....if you need more info on that later I can supply it.

flea collars aren't the answer b/c if it is an allergy to flea bites it could have been from one initial bite that happened long ago...thats the crazy thing with allergies.

try the food change, eliminate plastic bowls and eliminate all dry food. change the litter you are using. and just incase it could be enviromental allergies STOP using ALL scented products including cleaners, candles, room freshners, carpet products..anything.scented (litter included)...no perfumes. I wash my floors with a vinegar/water solution only.
try everything...this poor kitty looks as though he has a real bad case and must be terribly painful....-(

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just this morning while doing some research for a vaccination related post I came accross this by dr. Charles E Loops DVM. he associates vaccines with SKIN ALLERGIES...this is the first time I've seen anything relating vaccines to perhaps EGC?
Does your kitty have regular annual vaccines? Is there a connection?
I would read this site and you decide.....♥

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We got my cat a couple months old, he was a street cat who's mother got hit by a car so we ended up getting him dewormed and everything. He also had kennel cough and asthma when we got in which goes together with EGC, is there any home remedies possibly to help with his lesions? Maybe even something just to help him be a bit more comfortable?  We've been giving him the Fish oil drops in his current food, and switched his food to food only containing duck.  But still no signs of the lesions getting better.  He doesn't seem to be too bothered by them, occasionally licks the lesions but not excessively.
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hi, just listing a couple good sites with tons of info on similar skin/allergy conditions.
however I do not agree with using cortisone's/steroids unless as a last resort...these only give temporary relief and treat the symptom rather than the cause and lead to diabetes or many other life threatening conditions. If it should ever become necessary than consider and read up on ATOPICA(cyclosporine)  its so far just canine use but is used OFF label for cats as well, its expensive but safer than steroids...effective(?)

its what I was considering for Sami when his lessions were not responding to topical treatments from the Vet.....but after changing his diet and eliminating ALL scents in my house the lessions became less and less, I can now say its been a year since he's had a single spot(fingers crossed)

BUT....I must add Sami's sores were never to the extent that your poor kitty has...he is really in a mess.
don't know if I mentioned it earlier or not....but be sure NOT to use plastic dishes...rodent ulcer like yours shows on the lips is sometimes caused and certainly worsened by plastic...use metal or ceramic only. and wash with soap and hot water after every use..

I will tell you what I finally used on Sami's lessions....but remember his were localized on his face and small pea size...but they would become open and inflamed b/c he was irritated and would rub them...none of the Vet topical cortisone treatments worked...
So I began looking for holistic measures. I read alot about COLLOIDAL SILVER...and tried that, it helped alot on its own...but not completely so I read more and added an organic spice...TURMERIC. mixed the two together and wow what a difference that made...use just the CS or mix a small amt of Turmeric with in into a paste and dab it on with a q-tip.
I would try that...in a small area to start with to be sure there is no reaction(shouldn't be)
they are both safe to use on cats....HOWEVER you must buy the Colloidial Silver (30 ppm.(.parts per millions) that is OKAY FOR INTERNAL USE...has to be the purest form. and the only one recommended for safety with cats.. tht I could easily buy is made by
SOURCE NATURALS. and I got it shipped here to Canada from California..but your local health food stores may carry it...but remember it has to be this brand. I had to order mine from iherb.com there prices and shipping costs are excellent...here is the item and site if you should decide to try this..


good luck with all the reading and learning...believe me it takes time. also takes time to notice any change after trying a new diet, this maynot be the sole cause of his problems...if its diet related you should begin to see some improvement within a month. Have you also changed his litter to a non scented one? or even a natural product like shredded paper???  I sure am hoping for this little guy...he must be in misery.-(
post anytime if I can be of any help♥
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Alright UPDATE!

So I got the colloidial silver and made the paste with the turmeric.  His legs and underbody seem to be healing or have become less irritated, same with his shoulders.  Unfortunately his lip is STILL swollen.  and recently a bump appeared on his head which he popped and was full of pus/blood! I cleaned the wound just to make sure it wouldn't cause infection, but I have no idea what caused it in the first place.  Its been a few days now and his head also appears to be getting better but just today I noticed his eye is very swollen,  to the point he can barely open it.  it's not so much around the eye but the lids? I guess them self.  I don't notice any swelling on the outer face just the eye itself. It seems like it's one thing after another with him!  Any advice with my current problems?

Much appreciated!
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hi this poor kitty he sure is suffering through some terrible outbreaks..I'm glad to read some of the conditions are looking slightly better. the Colloidial Silver is an antimicrobial so you can use it on the open area on his head and lip...probably best to use on those spots without the turmeric. I do know its also used in this PURE form on the eyes (you did get the WELLNESS BRAND right?)   but since I'm the over cautious type I would dilute it just a tad with sterilized water....cool to room temp than wipe eyes with a cotton ball soaked with the water/colloidial silver solution.

have these lesions ever been biopsied? the one on the top of the head with the pus/blood I'm not sure if this is EGC or not, you said it started out as a bump than opened....I don't know whats going on there and perhaps should be looked at by a Vet and biopsied.

It sounds like kitty probably pawed at the infected site on his head and spread it to his eyes....he really NEEDS an antibiotic to clear this up especially when its spread into the eye area...always need to be extremely cautious when dealing with the eyes.

Please take this kitty to a Vet he will give you an antibiotic eye cream and perhaps an oral one for the open pus filled one on top of his head, it may also be necessary for him to wear a cone for a few days to prevent him from rubbing at that infected area and spreading it further.

I sure hope he gets some relief real soon....I feel so sorry for this little guy..
keep us updated.
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