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Diabetic Supplies for Cat

Mine and my mom's cat is diabetic- does anyone know where to get cheap test strips?  Or a cheap glucometer that comes with the sample 10 strips?  I have to do the blood sugar curve every few months on the poor guy (I volunteer to do them to save money at the Vet)--and the test strips are a little over $1 a piece and only come in quantity 50 or 100..and those would expire long before we used all because I only use 4 strips each time I test-- so it's such a waste!  

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance

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You have some good advice from karne09 above.  

My 11 year old girl kitty was just recently diagnosed (January 5) with diabetes.  She is on 2 units insulin every 12 hours.  Just two days ago I bought a ReliOn Micro glucose meter at Walmart for $12.00.  A box of ReliOn Micro test strips (50) only cost $21.94.  I don't know if this will help.  I haven't learned how to use it yet.  It's a very small meter and needs no coding.    My Vet didn't mention buying a meter, but I went ahead any way.   So far I have taken her in once for a glucose test and will be taking her again the end of the week.
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could you try an add out...maybe a human out there in community who also lves animals would share a few???..some are on a plan where they are covered and maybe could slip you a few??...if you could get a few ppl maybe could round up enough for a supply each month...OR  check with pharmacies...they need to throw out expireD ones with dates on..but im very sure like any product they are STILL GOOD FOR AWHILE BEYOND DATE
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Thanks...he is such a sweet cat!  We wouldn't have it any other way!  :-)

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Wow, this one is tough, and I sure hope someone on this forum will help you on that. Caring for a diabetic cat can prove difficult.

I honestly hope someone has any idea how to help you, Hopeful1981. I wish you good luck, and God bless you for taking on such a responsibility of caring for a sick kitty.
All the best to you, mom and poor kitty.
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