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Does my cat have a broken jaw?

I put my two cats into the bathroom for the night to allow me to sleep. When I went to let them out in the morning, I found the younger male in the tub with blood all over and missing his collar. The collar was broken, he wouldn't move. His mouth is hanging slightly open with his tongue hanging out. He had a blood like liquid coming out from his left eye duct. He let me clean it off and was kind of purring. I am very short on money right now. So I kept a close eye on him and waited a day to see if anything changed. Today he is slowly moving but hasn't eaten or drank anything. His head is swollen and now he has the blood like stuff from both eyes and now his nose. His tongue is still hanging out. He still purrs but it sounds like he is snoring. He tries to lick his face but cant and it makes kind of a popping noise. I tried to get him to eat; he tries but can’t get the food in his mouth. I used a small syringe to give him water but I don’t know if he is getting any. I don’t know what to do. If his jaw is broken, can the vet even fix it? if so are they going to think I did something to him since I don't know what exactly happened or how he hurt himself? Another thing is I don’t have money to take him to the vet. I know he needs to go, I’m just hoping I won’t have to spend money if he is going to be alright.
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Please get your kitty to a Vet today.   Call the Vet today and explain what happened.  Your cat is suffering.  Borrow some money or see if your Vet will work out a payment plan.  If you can't take your cat to your own Vet, ask about low cost Clinics or what they recommend.
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thanks maddie6.. i had a feeling that i would have to.
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is it a broken jaw?
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I can't answer that 4u...a vet will need 2 ck kitty....it sounds 2 me that kitty may have choked itself getting out of the collar or getting it hooked on something??
but in any case whatever is wrong u do need to get a vet to see that poor kitty right away as he IS SUFFERING honey please don't wait..
let us kknow ok
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ok im getting him in asap. i know he is suffering thats why im concerned.  thanks for the advice
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Yes, I wonder if the collar got hooked onto the faucet or something.  Good luck to you and kitty.  Let us know how he's doing.  Take care.
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he is going to be alright! the vet said it looked like he got his mouth stuck on his collar and hit his head from being scared. nothingis broken just some swelling by his mouth and bump on his head.  they are giving him some fluids, eye drops and pain med. it costed ~$200.00 but he is worth it.
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I am so happy  for you that kitty is going to be fine.  It could have been so much worse.  I know you were so worried, so you must be feeling relieved.  The $200.00 bill is about average for what was done.  You're a good Mom.  Take care.
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Oh that is such good news!
I tell you I was very worried abt the symptoms you described...I really thought the worst. so good for you for looking after baby and hope he recovers well.
They sure go straight from the heart to the check book don't they!! lol
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