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How much are your vet bills?!

So... I know every vet and every city/state has different prices but I'm interested to see what everyone pays for their kitties. So tell me... how much have YOU paid for

1). Vaccines
2). Spay/neuter
3). De-claw
4). Any surgeries (explain what kind)
5). Medications (such as de-wormer)
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Vet bills are absolutely obnoxious!!!  I live in eastern virginia.  Rabies vaccine is the law here.  I don't know how much it is-but, if it was a lot-I'm sure I'd remember it.  Spaying by a vet(not the discount places-they do have those here) cost about $200+ this is spaying, anesthesia, pain meds, etc.  I would've paid about $70 at the "discount" places!!  De-claw, don't know-I don't agree with that procedure, in case the cat accidentally gets out.  I've had biopsies done skin($200+ incl. lab fees), also had echocardiograms $300+.  The worst fees are the lab fees-they run upwards of $150.  What about you?  What kind of fees do you have where you live?

This is a very interesting post!!  I hope others will respond.
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Kitten shots: $ 18.00 once a month for 4 months

Neuter and declaw: $184.00 all together, including 48 hrs for kitty to stay in the hospital (not a clinic, it is a hospital) and recover.

Ear Mites Medication: $45.00 (test included).

Other tests for gland exposure etc: usually $100 (but when you do this 3 or 4 times it adds up).

I live in Florida. I have spent a lot of money on my cat's health; but I think I have spent much more on litter, toys and food.
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Well... when I was in NYC I had a *special arrangement* with the vet who worked with the organization my wife and I were with, so our vet costs were minimal and generally got picked up by the org (we haven't need any specialty treatment in years. We've got a disgustingly healthy lot over here).
I know, feather bedding and all that, misuse of organization funds...but eh, what are you gonna do? SOME Perks went with the job. :)

I have to check on what the costs are here in NJ (only been here two months and haven't needed the vet we plan to use) but I recall they do a vaccine/shot package that sounds about the same to what PrettyKitty1 pays.

He did mention something about a female spay costing $300, but that's VERY high so I'm assuming that would include aborting a pregnant cat AND fixing it.

I know, very vague, but I'll check on Joisey prices if you want. We've got a bunch of 4-6 year olds here and for a healthy cat, that's an age were they generally don't need more than checkups, flea shots, and the occasional worming.

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Hi!  Just joined this group today and saw your post re: vet bills.  I live in Southern California and just recently had to take my cat in for an "anal abscess" which needed to be lanced and drained (gross looking fluid/pus!).  Here is the itemized list for this procedure:
   1.  Exam and consult        $46.50
   2.  Sedation                      $55.00
   3.  Drain/clean abscess     $45.00
   4.  Culture of fluid             $113.50
   5.  Antibiotic injection        $65.00
   6.  Fee to give injection      $43.50
   7.  Take home meds          $19.50

Grand total:                          $388.00

I was fortunate that the abscess could be drained -- if the vet could not lance it and drain in the exam room, poor kittycat would have needed surgery (can only imagine what that would have cost!).   The biggest expense was for the culture of the abscess fluid to determine if the antibiotic was appropriate for the germs found.  Thankfully it was, and my  dear Sunshine has rebounded incredibly -- she is back to her old playful self and seems none the worse for wear.  The vets that treated her were absolutely fantastic -- she has been under their care since she was a kitten.   The vet who did the lancing and drainage even called me on a daily basis to check on her status -- more than most human doctors would do for us!!
How she developed the abscess is another question. She is an inside cat, and is never around other cats and does not go outside except in a carrier.  The vet thinks she somehow scratched her anal area and the abscess developed from that.  Hopefully it will not recur.  
The costs seem high, but the results were definitely worth it!
As for other vet fees, they have always seemed fairly reasonable and not bank- busting.
Vaccines are usually $8 -15 depending on type.
Exam fees as noted above.
Nail trim is $8  (she won't let me even attempt this chore but is a docile little kitty when the vet does it!)  I don't adhere to declawing, but have seen charges of $180.00 for that.
Boarding fee for overnight stay is $10.00 which includes all food and play time with vet assistants.
Sunshine is 6yrs young and has been a delight for me and has brought me so much happiness that the above costs are not difficult to pay.  (I am on Social Security and have a very limited disposable income).
Hoping that you are not having too much expense at this time and that your feline companion(s) are healthy and well.  Best wishes to all ---
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Hi, I bet that if you keep your cat's nails trimmed that might help with the "anal abscess". By the way, I've never heard of that before.  Your vet said he was scratching at his booty area, and that's what caused it?  Well, you sound like a good mom that cares about your kitty!!

By the way, it sounds like everyone's vet bills are better than mine-I am jealous!!
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Well we had our FIRST vet appointment today and it was about $233 for x-rays of the cat's broken leg, vaccines (including rabies), ear infection medication, worm medication, and the consultation. I don't even pay that much for MYSELF when I go see the doctor... but then again, I have insurance.

I contacted PAWS to see if they could help us with a lower cost neuter since the little guy is a stray and we're just a young pastoral couple who don't make much. I don't know how much the neuter costs yet!

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