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Kitten with head injury


Just needed to get some advice :) last night I went to pick up our new kitten, when I got there the guy said the kitten had an accident :( He said that one of his toddles had accidentally stepped on the kitten just 5 minutes before I got there. The poor little thing was lying down on his left side, not really with it. I sat with him and he started to perk up a bit, I said I'm still going to take him (as something told me to grab him and go) onthe car ride home he opened his twice. He seemed a bit better than what he did but still not with it. It was late at night, so I after some time with him, I put him back in the carrier next to my bed ( during this whole time he is showing no signs of pain at all)This morning he did look a lot better was having fluid and puréed food from a syringe but we took him to the vets. The said it was a head injury and she said the outcome looks bleak as he has left sided weakness and his front left paw was distended and his head was turned to the left. She said that he has a temp so she gave him an injection, and said give him 48-72 hrs and if their is no improvement they will have to put him down :( they gave us a tin of soft high protein food and some electrolyte powder.

once we got home my oldest asked she she could have a cuddle with george, and I figured that if he didn't have  much time we could at least give him love in his final days. Well when I put george on my daughter he rose his head and even gave a little hiss to the dog! He started to eat and drink on his own, and even took a few steps with support. He is now just been sleeping ever since...

My question i, am I reading to much into him having this improvement or is their a chance my little george is a fighter and could pull out of this?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated and thank you in advanced
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Thank you for your advice, work up this morning looked in the carrier to see two beautiful turquoise eye looking at me and he's was trying to sit up :) about the eliminating he hasn't had a poo since the night I picked him up and I know he has wee'ed but I figured if all is okay with him, we are going to try to help him the litter box and see what he does. I'm just waiting to her a lovely purr from him.

I do hope that the vet was very wrong and he is my little fighter

Thanks again
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Bless you for caring, I've seen a cat completely recover from a pretty severe head injury, paralyzed on one side...had to drag himself around ...took a few months but he completely recovered, head injuries are so complex it's really hard to say but seeing as how yr kitty is eating/ drinking/ trying to walk on his own so soon...I would think he has a very good chance of pulling through just fine. Is he eliminating okay too?
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