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Kitty Play

How does your kitty play?
My Fur Friend Mommy Baby likes to chase my hand under the bed covers. She also will roll over on her back over & again when her Daddy says "Rolly Polly!".  I love to see her with her lizards. The last few days she's run up on the bed really fast with a lizard in her mouth & shows me. Then jumps off to let him go so she can chase him again.

When she has something she's been too rough with, she has a particular frustrated mew cry. Then I go check it out. Sometimes the critter is just playing possum & runs when I come. Then she's sooo pleased, like I fixed her toy.

She can amuse me all day. Even though she's grown, if I've a piece of string she'll still bat at it & try & take it away from me.        What else can we play?
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my kitties do alot of the same things as yours and its just so adorable! One little trick my cat picked up is when we throw away receipts or other scrap paper we roll them into balls and if we miss the can they will fetch it weather or not your acually playing. its adorable and helps to keep the floor very clean, lol.
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All three cats like playing with laser lights.  My male Domestic Shorthair likes balloons.  
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MewMew who is a Maine Coon, loves almost everything, she collects the walmart bags and after I cut off the handles and slice open the bag so she won't strangle herself, she makes little beds out of them and they are in little corners of some of the rooms...She loves to play Pawsy, like yours under the covers, and she talks to the bunnies and birds in the yard through the window.  I too could watch my girls all day interact with each other and myself....It is much big fun....
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In the morning when I wake up, Mommy Baby's eyes are all dilated. I bunch up the sheet & move it in her direction. She gets her back feet involved & really fights the big wad of sheets, with claws & her teeth showing.
I think she needs to dissipate some of her night energy. We've been playing this for the last 3 days.
   After she jumps off the bed, runs really fast. Then when she returns her eyes are normal.
   I love cats!  
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