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Kitty vomit again.

MommyBaby was a little sick w vomit every 2-3 days. Now she's been ok for a week.
Yesterday vomit again.  Called vet. There's some tummy med I can buy here called
"Gastropectan". Another is "Lope Lisan."
She also said I could crush a Tums or Rolaids and sneak it into food.
  She eats,drinks plenty of water & plays.
I can't get to vet till tomorrow. Any other remedies? Like a little baking soda in water. I also read about apple cider vinegar, but never tried it.
   Any help appreciated. Thank You. Maxy
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I would stay clear of all those remedies CR....even if Vet suggested tums and rolaids NO these were not meant for cat consumption.

she needs some blood work done at the Vets, this could be many things that upset her stomach like Hyperthyroidism for one

or a blockage, is she pooping okay?

is she eating too fast than bringing up her food?

this has been going on for awhile now and needs a more thorough investigation not just a med....

have my fingers crossed for poor mama...good luck
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How's kitty doing now?

I think it's a great sign that she's still eating, drinking, and playing. I'm thinking maybe something she's eating may not be agreeing with her(maybe those lizards or plants). Or, it could be hairballs. Have you tried hairball remedy? If not, I would get some and use it every day for 4 days to a week and see how she does.
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Maxy, Jade behaved exactly like MommyBaby.  Ate, drank and played in spite of chronic vomiting as long as we had her (8½ yrs).  She ended up being dx'd with both IBD, and Hyperthyroidism.  The IBD...which is basically ulcers...was dx'd through ultrasound.  The IBD is where I'm leaning but it sure could be hyperT also.  Or something less severe like ZQ said.  

Did you get to the vet?  
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