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Male Cat UTI?

My male cat, eleven years old, has been suffering from urinary tract infections these past few weeks. We took him to the ER about a month ago because we were afraid that there may be a blockage, though the vet there said she didnt feel anything, gave him a shot of antibiotics, and two hundred dollars later, sent us on our way. It worked for as long as the antibiotics were suppose to last for, but when they wore off the infection returned.

We found more blood in his urine, his behavior had changed again(rolling on the floor, in and out of litter box, licking genitals, ect) and so, again out of fear of a blockage, we took him to the ER. Another two hundred and we were told his infection wasnt cleared up with the last type of antibiotics. The vet gave us a liquid amoxicillin to give to him, and again it seemed to clear up.

He's been off them for a couple of days now, and hes acting up again. I have an appointment with the normal vet set up for tomorrow morning, but it makes me so sad to watch him pace around and be uncomfortable.

There was more blood in the urine, but he's still peeing, though Im worried because he just threw up some wet food I gave him earlier, which he didnt do the last few times.

I cant afford to bring him in to the ER again for them to give him another round of antibiotics and not actually tell us why this happens so often, but I worry about how he'll do overnight and the rest of today.

Does anyone have any tips I can do to relieve his uncomfort?
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your poor kitty, he is in a lot of discomfort. did these er Vets NOT even do a urine sample and check this poor fella out for crystals???? infections not that common in cats, but crystals sure ARE. I will send you a good link to do lots of reading between now and tomorrow morning....INSIST on them getting a urine sample and checking his PH...not just slap you with a band aide antibiotic again.
read down this whole site, it lists all that can be wrong with his urinary tract....from cystitis(infection) to crystals and blockages...wishing this fella some good luck and hopefully a good Vet tomorrow. let us know ok
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Thank you. They tried to take a sample the second time I went, but they waited an hour for him to give them a sample but he just wouldn't go, so they sent us home. They said he has a very small bladder and since he had peed in the crate on the way there, there probably wasnt much left to give.
Also, youre right to judge the ER vets. The second time went better(at least TRYING to take a sample...) The first time I went, though, the woman wouldn't even touch my cat as he had bit her finger once while she took his temp and she said he was "too fiesty" for her to exam and would have to have him put under to continue(which, as you could imagine, was going to cost us quite a lot).
Update: The vet said he's okay. They didnt want to put him on another antibiotic, so we got a prescription diet and pain meds for him. Hopefully itll clear up and hell be back to normal soon. Thank you!
well I hope so too....be very sure if you read the link I gave you to keep your kitty on a CANNED food diet, for any cat with urinary tract issues dry diets are killers NO matter if they are 'prescription' foods or not...MUST be wet food or the problems will keep recurring...good luck to kitty and thanks for the update.
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