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My Diabetic cat wont eat

Hi, i have a cat who is diabetic and we have him on 4 units of caninsuline 2x a day but a few days ago his apitite just went downhill and now he wont eat anything at all and without food we cant give him his insuline. I took him to the vet and did bloodwork for his liver and the ATL was high it didnt even register, the vet had to do it manuanly and came up with an ATL level of 5000. He things there is a tummor in his liver, we just put him on vitamines and liver anti biotic, we dont have any money to do ultrasound as the vet recommended. Could it be anything difrent then a tumor for an ATL to register at 5000 or is that even normal?

Thanks all
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My heart aches for you.  My cat is 15 lbs.  He is on prescription dry cat food.  He gets 1/3 cuz twice a day.   He also gets 2 units of insulin when he gets fed.  Perhaps your vet could change your cat to dry food and maybe he will eat that.  Cats are finicky, maybe he just wants a change.

I hope he is better soon.  Keep in touch.

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hi and welcome to you and Linda...so sorry you are both dealing with diabetes...Sam I am including a chart on how to read bloodwork as you will see the ALT for your kitty is indeed very HIGH.
your Vet is dx'd a tumor but it could also be due to several other possibilities as mentioned in the article I am sending. good luck ♥


I am also going to include an excellent write up on diabetes perhaps that would be of some help to you both ♥

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Sam I posted this on another thread too but just incase you don't see it there, I wanted you to watch this....sometimes we need to 'assist feed' our kitties to keep them strong until they will once again eat on their own...don't allow kitty to go without food or there will be many other health issues to deal with too. good luck to you both

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