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Raw patches & red gum line

My short haired tiger male, Merlin, is nearly 2 years old. At first I thought his sneezing was part of a cold symptom that has gone around to my indoor cats however, of late when I give him snuggles I notice his breath as I bring him close to my cheek smells like rotted meat, for lack of any other description.
Last night I looked in his mouth to see if maybe some wet cat food had lodged between his cheek and gum, and instead what I saw was two smaller than a dime round raw spots at the roof of his mouth where the temporal-mandibular joint hinges.
I lifted his upper lip to see that the area at the tooth line is also flame red. However, it's not affecting the whole gum, it's just as if someone took a scratchy red marker and drew a intermittent width line along the gum line where his teeth meet the gum.

I started him on Clavamox antibiotics that my Veterinarian gave me for another cat that has just passed from heart failure. I was wondering if there's anything natural I can do to help him.

Someone told me food grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted 4 to 1, on a Qtip and swabbing those red areas would help to heal the tissue. But I don't want to pursue anything until I know it's safe for Merlin.

Thank you for reading me.
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never use antibiotics if theres no indication of infection please.....this is what leads to antibiotic resistance or superbugs...
this kitty really needs to see a Vet, it sounds painful. it can be caused from an allergy, an injury or yes abscess.
the reddness along the gum line is gingivitis and this needs to be cleared up or can lead to health problems like heart disease and loss of teeth.
please get a Vet to look at this.....-)
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I doubt the hydrogen peroxide would do anything to help heal it.  It is an antiseptic, but since the areas are in his mouth, it is likely that his saliva and food would further dilute it to the point that it had no effect on keeping the area clean.  Wouldn't hurt to try it though.  The same is true of the clavamox.  If this isn't a bacterial infection, then anti-biotics aren't going to help.  I would focus on observation and trying to find the source of the inflamation.  It could be his food, water, bowls, a toy, or anything else he might put in his mouth or that holds his food and water.  It could have also started for a abscessed tooth.  
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Sounds like your kitty needs a good dental cleaning at the very least and possibly has some abscessed teeth as the other posters have said.  My cats gum line looks exactly like you're describing - Jade has very bad teeth and so far, has had one infected fang and three others pulled due to abscess.  Her breath used to be horrible and just like you describe Merlin's to be, but with the teeth pulled and a cleaning once a year, her breath is perfect.  

I am especially concerned with your description of the *dime sized raw spots.*  This is all Very painful for Merlin so please get him an appt with your vet, asap.  

Good luck and please let us know how it goes.
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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and advice. I'm presently giving him an over the counter Lysine gel that my Vet recommended. I've checked his teeth and all are fine. He has no tarter as he's just over a year old. I'll keep track of his progress and hope for the best. If this doesn't help, I'll take him in to have a workup done.
(Group Hugs) Thank you all.
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